Finally, An Earthquake!!! Rahul Gandhi Gives a Speech, Which will make you laugh until your stomach pains

Rahul Gandhi akka Pappu is known for his speeches filled with no substance and full laughter. Right from “Today morning, I woke up at Night” to “Dalits getting escape velocity of Jupiter”, all of his speeches were indeed filled with humor and fun, which will (forget stomach) make even your pancreas laugh and might cure your diabetics as well in the process.

Yet again, our Rahul Baba beats his previous records and comes up with another masterpiece. In this Video, he proclaims that he thinks, Congress is few hundred years old party but he says, Lord Shiva shows symbol of Congress Party, Also does Guru nanak and Buddha.

He also asks, why these gods show Congress Party symbol to his senior party leader. Isn’t it amazing???

We request you to control your laughter else pancreas could burst in the process of curing.


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