Rahul Gandhi gaffe express hits Chennai: Truth will go to jail, the Cong President said

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was trolled on Twitter for his speeches at Chennai on Wednesday, during which he made several gaffes. The Congress President, held an interaction session with students of Chennai’s Stella Maris College.

While responding to a student’s question on what he learnt from his mother, Gandhi said, “Don’t look at the world from your perspective. Look at the world from your perspective.”

Twitter responded to Gandhi’s statement with hilarious memes and comments. “What does he want to say?” asked one of the persons on Twitter. “Kya bol rahey ho bhai? Please don’t wake up in the mornings at night. This is what will happen. Aapko khud pata nahi aap Kya bol rahey ho-ye students Kya samjengey.Wake up from your slumber. How long should we bear this,” said another in reference to an earlier speech of Gandhi which had created similar buzz on social media.

When one student asked the Congress president why he hugged Narendra Modi inside the parliament, he came out with a hitherto unheard story behind the infamous incident. “You should understand that love is the foundation of every religion. While sitting inside the parliament and listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking, I understood that he was very angry. He was insulting me, my mother, my father, my grandmother and calling them names. But I was feeling only affection for him. I could understand that this man was not able to see the beauty of the world. The Prime Minister has not got the love he deserved from anybody in the world and that was the reason for his hatred towards one and all. So I thought I should hug him to convince him that the world is not that cruel and it was as a sign of my affection and love for him that I hugged him,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Meanwhile, during a political meeting, the Congress President thought of testing his Tamil vocabulary and ended up saying something which was tough to digest. “Unmai Jailum,” said the Gandhi dynasty scion, which translates as “Truth will go to jail.” The things took an even awkward move, when despite the Tamil Congress leader standing alongside Rahul, tried to correct his statement into “Unmai Vellum,” meaning “The Truth will win,” the Congress President kept insisting upon “Jailum.”

Only God or Rahul knows, what he really meant to say at Chennai. In Tamil Nadu, Congress will be fighting the upcoming general elections in alliance with DMK. They will be up against the alliance of BJP-AIADMK and PMK.