Rahul Gandhi goof-up: Mispronounces the name of freedom fighter Kumbha Ram as ‘Kumbhakaran’

Rahul Gandhi goof up videos are the favorite of Indian social media. Everytime the Congress President and Gandhi scion makes an error, which he does quite often, no force can stop the videos from going viral. And just like a never ending circle, Rahul Gandhi is back with a brand new goof-up, much to the delight of the social media.

Recently, while addressing a public meeting at Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi mispronounced the name of a Government scheme named after freedom fighter, Kumbha Ram Arya as “Kumbhakaran Yojana. “However, he was quickly corrected by a person standing beside him.

It didn’t take long for the videos of this new goof-up to go viral on the Internet. And as soon as they did, Twitterati started trolling the Congress President, who aspires to challenge Narendra Modi for Prime Minister’s position, come next year in Loksabha elections.


Chaudhary Kumbharam Arya, was a freedom fighter, parliamentarian and popular leader of farmers in Rajasthan. He was a member of Seventh Lok Sabha during 1980-84 representing Sikar Parliamentary constituency of Rajasthan. Earlier, he was a member of Rajya Sabha during 1960-64 and 1969-74. He had been a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly during 1952-57 and 1964–66 and also served as a Minister in the State Council of Ministers and held various portfolios.

Whereas Kumbhakaran is name of a monster mentioned in Ramayana. Kumbhakaran, according to the epic, was the brother of demon king Ravana and was slayed by Lord Rama in a battle.

Rahul Gandhi is currently making rounds of poll bound Rajasthan, campaigning for the Congress party. Rajasthan goes for assembly elections on 7th December and the results will be declared on 11th.