Is Rahul Gandhi living in a Fool’s Paradise forever?

Mark Twain once quipped “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubts”

The 18th century quotes of the American writer, humorist and publisher till holds good today. Rahul Gandhi – the President of Congress Party has proved it every time when he addresses a public rally, election speeches, meet with students or a even a debate which proves his prowess as an Intellectually bankrupt person without an iota of common sense.


In November, 2015, while addressing students of Mount Carmel College, in Bengaluru, he was contradicted by the young students on ‘Make in India’ campaign. This major embarrassment became viral in social media. In an interview with Arnab Goswami, he repeatedly fumbled, looked confused and out of sorts. For every question of Arnab, Rahul could only muster ‘Women empowerment’, ‘RTI’ and achievements of the Congress.


Just a few days back during an interaction with Indian diaspora in an event in Singapore, Rahul faltered again when quizzed about his family’s contribution to India’s growth. He was also caught on the ‘wrong foot’ when Professor PK Basu asked him why India’s per capita income grew less than the world average when their family was at the helm of the affairs. Rahul had no answer to the question. To cover up this act, the Congress IT cell manufactured a conversation wherein Rahul Gandhi was seen to convincingly give answers to the Prof.Basu. Prof.Basu, has threatened him of legal action, and has given him the choice to choose his courts in India.

His comments and speeches are puerile, trashy and have rarely ruffled the feathers of the opposition. He has caused major embarrassment to the Nation and party and his speech in Malaysia while meeting the business executives of India Business council not only turned out to be a ‘damp squib’ but also depicted our country in poor light.


Addressing the businessmen, Rahul Gandhi said “People in North Eastern India say we don’t accept your idea of India, TN says we don’t accept your idea of India, Punjab says we don’t accept your idea of India, Haryana doesn’t accept your idea of India” causing major embarrassment to his party and the nation. In a terribly tasteless and chronically sub-standard speech Rahul Gandhi spoke lowly about India in a forum involving business heads in Singapore.


It is time that the ‘Think-Tank’ of Shri Rahul Gandhi counsel him on the repercussions on the image of the country.

For a person who faked his degrees and had to remove it following a Supreme Court directive, Rahul Gandhi should refrain from showing his ‘Juvenile Intelligence’ in an international forum.

We only wish Rahul Gandhi could get better, but alas, he won’t. It is unfortunate that a party with more than 100 years of existence doesn’t have a leader whose speech can bring glory and pride to India, but become a laughing stock in social media.