Rahul Gandhi’s pics from UAE, were photoshopped

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to UAE was projected in the media as a cataclysmic event for Modi, whose has many followers abroad; whilst those who live in UAE, complained that the ripple of Rahul Gandhi’s visit had not even hit them.

Congress, in an attempt, to project Rahul Gandhi as a worthy competition to Narendra Modi, has been following BJP’s strategy pre-2014 elections, during which, Modi was seen visiting many countries, which helped build his image as a popular leader not just within India but also outside it. Social media being an effective way of getting the attention of populace, many congress supporters were seen posting videos and pictures of Rahul Gandhi, which were ostensibly fake. Here are a few of them>>>

Fake pic 1:

Using a website called Photofunia , the billboards can be created by anyone.

Fake pic 2:

Fake Video:

A fake video was uploaded on youtube , in which Rahul Gandhi’s picture seemed to be displayed on the largest tower in the world—Burj Khalifa, Dubai. An app called Biugo was used for this purpose.

With Lok Sabha elections 2019 approaching, myriads of such fake pictures and videos can be expected to be doing rounds on social media. An alert citizen, should report them and not be following the wrong trail of bread crumbs.

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This article is written by Levina