Rahul Gandhi pulls up yet another goof-up, refers to male student as “Miss” during interaction session

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday held an interaction session with the University students of Delhi at JLN stadium. However, even in this session, the Gandhi scion couldn’t refrain himself from pulling up yet another goof-up.

When one student named, Kapil Sharma stood up to ask a question to the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi asked him to wave his hand so as to trace him in the crowd. Further, the Congress President addressed the male student as “Miss Kapil.”

The interaction event in itself appeared staged to a larger extent. As seen in the Video of the event, the students were not allowed to ask the questions randomly. Instead, the students had submitted their questions to the organisers way before the event, and only a handful out of them were picked to be asked to Gandhi directly, after scrutiny. It is likely that the organisers also made necessary changes in the questions to ensure that the Congress President don’t appear uncomfortable.

It also seems like a large chunk of audience in the session was that of either Congress leaning students, or those directly associated with the party. For instance, this Mr. Kapil Sharma, is not only an active politician but also the general secretary of Delhi youth Congress, as per his own twitter handle.

Gandhi spoke on various other issues including job creation, farm distress and social harmony. He blamed the Narendra Modi government for rising anger among people. The Congress president asserted that his party is trying to change the culture of politics in the country.

“If you look at the history of this country, and look at the philosophy of Gandhi, Mahaveer, Buddha, Ashoka, they all preached love and non-violence. This was the same philosophy when I hugged Mr Modi, while he was abusing me and my family,” Gandhi said recalling the incident that took place in Parliament during the Monsoon Session last year.

In answer to another question over alleged rise in communal tension in the country since the Modi government came to power in 2014, Gandhi said, “When my dadi (grandmother) was killed, my father was in Bengal. I was much closer to my dadi than my mother. My dadi was killed by her security personnel. They were like my friends. Satwant Singh, who shot my dadi, taught me how to play badminton. There was anger in me after my dadi was killed. But when my father returned and asked me to hug him and see what happens…It’s like a jaadu (magic).”