Rahul Gandhi suggests Lockdown is not the solution, urges the Government to implement his much hyped Nyay scheme

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday conducted an online press meet via video conference to address the current situation of Coronavirus pandemic. He claimed that the virus will merely restart its work after the country comes out of lockdown. “Biggest weapon against COVID-19 is testing-testing at scale so you know where the virus is moving and you can isolate, target and fight it”, Rahul Gandhi was quoted as saying.

He added that the biggest weapon against the virus is going from chasing the virus to moving ahead of it by dramatically increasing the total testing.

The former Congress President also suggested that the Centre should use the NYAY scheme and create a minimum financial net for the poor people.  He also said that the suspension of MPLADs is not a major concern in this situation

“The government should use NYAY scheme and transfer money into the bank accounts of the poor directly. Poor labourers will face the problem. Don’t use the name NYAY but create a minimum financial net. Unemployment will be at its peak. Create a defence net for Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises and protect them,” he said.

The Congress leader suggested that fight against the virus should be bottom-up instead of top-down.

“To fight COVID, our main force is at the district and state level. The success in Kerala, Waynad is because of the effectiveness of district-level machinery. My one suggestion is that fight against COVID should not be top-down, it should be bottom-up. The Prime Minister should empower Chief Ministers and districts. The Prime Minister’s role is to empower forces,” he said.

He repeatedly stressed that the country should fight the crisis standing united. “As far as MPLAD is concerned, it is not a major thing in this situation. The major thing in this situation is that we are fighting together, we are using our assets. We should focus on that. Now, it is an emergency situation. India should fight this as united. My main suggestion is to don’t use blunt instruments. Work in a nuanced manner, strategically,” he said.

“Idea hai ki lockdown ho gaya to baat ban gayee. Nahi, baat postpone hui hai. (The idea is once lockdown happens, it is done. No, it has only been postponed). Resources should be utilised effectively. Give resources to states. Communicate with Chief Ministers and districts openly. Act on their demands,” he said.

With 941 more COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, India’s coronavirus tally crossed the 12,000 mark with the tally reading at 12,380 cases, said the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday.