Rahul Gandhi winked like “loafer” in Parliament: Goa BJP spokesman

BJP spokesperson of Goa state Dattaprasad Naik on Monday attacked Rahul Gandhi and suggested the Congress party to find a “credible” leader for the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

He also attacked Congress president for winking after hugging PM Narendra Modi during the no-confidence debate in the Parliament on Friday.

“Rahul Gandhi who does not have substance or the understanding of issues related to the people of India had to resort to hugging the PM in the temple of democracy and then winking like a loafer,” he said in a press note.

Choosing not to halt, Naik – in the letter – goes on to compare the act of winking to what loafers do at girls in colleges. “Never such a shameful act has ever happened in the temple of democracy.”

The letter ends by accusing the Congress party of having become a ‘Katputli’ of Gandhi family, implying that the Gandhis control all within the party.

Naik’s comments come a day after the state Congress chief Girish Chodankar called Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar a “kathputli” (puppet) for bowing to unreasonable demands of ruling coalition allies in the coastal state.

Reflecting on the same, Naik said that Chodankar had forgotten that even former prime minister Manmohan Singh was a puppet in the hands of the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi and that all Goa Congress presidents in the past were “kathputlis” in the hands of the Congress high command.

On a related note, the Modi-led NDA Government sailed through its first floor test in Lok Sabha by defeating the No-Confidence Motion moved by Telugu Desam Party (TDP).