In 2014 the BJP led National Democratic Alliance came to power with a massive mandate of 336 seats, while BJP secured a majority of 282 seats all across India. This victory of BJP was translated into a devastating loss with just 44 seats for Congress, lowest ever total ever since India got its independence. Naturally it is easy to assume that BJP won in the courts of people who voted against the 10 year Anti Incumbency of UPA, Dynastic rule of Gandhi family and systematic corruption slowly gnawing the Indian resources.

But unfortunately there are significant power houses in India which BJP has failed to capture before coming to power. These power houses are the approval of Intellectual society, mass power of Left leaning student unions, accreditation of glamorous stars and lastly the all mighty Media houses. Post coming into power, PM Narendra Modi failed to strike a chord with any of these power houses. The team led by him evicted the corrupt who have in-filtered into the Lutyen zone, took intellectual goons head on, failed to hold kitty parties with glamour stars and also negated the need for Media houses by usage of direct social media.

These acts not only disturbed the existing equilibrium in the power zones but also gathered all of their enemies into one house namely the Congress’s House of Opposition. Tactical protests have been manufactured by the usage of powerful student unions (AISA, ASA, DYFI, NSUI etc). Once the protests are established, they are endorsed by a Literary intellectuals who earned their accreditation during subsequent Congress era. Movie and Social stars play side fiddle to these intellectuals with no firsthand information and finally powerful media houses make a mountain out of a mole hill by hiding simple facts.

The latest of such an unfolding drama which is being held in University of Hyderabad is the Oppression of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula. In-spite of several facts which has been hoodwinked to the general public about Rohith Vemula’s caste, the latest explosion came when his father Manikumar Vemula alleged that Rohith’s death was not to be considered as suicide but a murder. He has squarely blamed the Ambedkar Student Association as the primary reason behind his son’s death and has gone on to suggest that the suicide note is a fake one.

Rahul Gandhi’s second visit to Hyderabad to sit in the candle light protest organized by ASA for Rohith Vemula is a clear showcase of political convenience between Leftist parties and Congress. As mentioned in my previous article, none of the Rahul Gandhis, Arvind Kejriwals or Asabuddin Owaisis bothered to visit the death of 2 Dalit scholars in 2008 and 2013 respectively which surprisingly occurred in the same campus. Last Saturday, just approximately 275 kilo meters from Hyderabad, in Vijayawada a 22-year-old Puvvala Prem Prasad, a fourth-year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering committed suicide but however none of the political big shots or student association bothered to visit the student or his family in the scene.

Apart from this, there has been a shocking incident where three students belonging to SVS Yoga Medical College at Kallakurichi near Villupuram in Tamil Nadu have been found dead under mysterious circumstances. A suicide note has also been found alleging that the management have been tormenting the students for excessive fess. Even though the college comes under the affiliation to Tamil Nadu’s Dr MGR Medical University, Rajdeep Sardesai tried to blame the HRD Minister for the matter coming under the purview of her ministry. What is surprising is that none of the Media houses till now have questioned as to why none of the so called National Leaders who visited Rohith Vemula failed to show their presence in Tamil Nadu.


Clearly this shows a united house of opposition doesn’t it ? With assembly elections of several states are in the fray for 2016, the opposition fort headed by Congress will need more such manufactured protests similar to Rohith Vemula. This possibly is the only way for Rahul Gandhi to clinch back the lost dynastic rule of Nehru family in India, thereby this will restore the lost power equilibrium in the respective houses.