Rahul Gandhis Speech Today Was The Most Hilarious – Here Is How A Common Man Decoded His Speech

Here is how a common man countered all the lame allegations made by Rahul Gandhi at today’s speech

“PM Modi must ask why are people migrating to villages instead of cities, he said. (What is wrong with people migrating back to Villages, does Rahul Gandhi want the villages which is the back bone of agriculture to vanish for India, If people are migrating to village that only means agriculture sector is improving)

On the government’s constant clash with judiciary, Rahul Gandhi said, “When a judge sits he represents the spirit of the people of the country”. (Does Banning Hindu festivals and questioning Hindu practices a spirit of the people of country? Just asking?)

Attacking the government over reducing the sanctity of institutions, the Congress leader said, “BJP has done in two-and-a-half years what Congress never did in 70 years”. (He really needs to relook at what he has told, he is only emerging as star campaigner of BJP)

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi said, “In the last two-and-a-half years, Modi ji made everyone hold a broom. (He at least took a step towards noble cause which congress could not do for 70 years exactly like Rahul Gandhi mentioned above)

Calling PM’s several schemes as mere gimmicks and “drama”, the Congress vice president said, “Narendra Modi has understood that he cannot hide behind yoga, Skill India and Make in India”. (Just reminding Rahul about all the Rajeev Gandhi schemes Indians saw from decades together) and by the since like Rahul Said “Narendra Modi has understood that he cannot hide behind yoga, Skill India and Make in India he has initiated more rigorous initiative like Jan dhan, Gram sadak, LPG for all

He said Modi and the BJP have the habit of asking what successive Congress governments did in 70 years since Independence. “People of this country know what Congress did. (Which is exactly why congress lost elections and is in the verge of becoming history)