Rahul Gandhi’s speech of turning potato into gold

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is heavily trolled for gaffes in his speeches. His critics always interpret them as his lack of information and intelligence even when they are slips of tongue.

Well, once while talking to people in Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul said: “You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader. I can put pressure on the government, but cannot take the decision. I cannot open a potato factory for farmers.” Congress defended it as a slip of tongue.

While Addressing at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai, Rahul said,”One day you’re going to run this country, run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs in the Microsofts and the leaders…the Facebooks of this country.” We don’t know if it was a slip of tongue or Rahul really didn’t know about Steve Jobs.

Now this time during his speech what  Rahul said is hilarious.

Watch the video here;

Rahul Gandhi Comedy

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Posted by The Fearless Indian on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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