Rahul Gandhi’s supporter tries to defend him with hilarious arguments

The President of India’s Grand old party, Rahul Gandhi, has once again found himself in an embarrassing position after making factually incorrect claims about the origins of soft drink Coca-Cola, fast food chain McDonald’s, along with a handful of other multinational brands.

The people on social media just couldn’t have enough of trolling Rahul Gandhi since yesterday. Indian Twitterati are coining fictitious origin and theories of various international brands and products using Rahul Gandhi’s logic, under the hashtag #AccordingToRahul.

However all the ruthless trolling didn’t stop the die hard supporters of Rahul Gandhi from coming to his support. Congress supporter Vidya Singh decided to come out in support of Rahul Gandhi and defend his claims.

In a tweet, Vidya Singh said that Rahul Gandhi’s claims about Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and other companies are based on fact. She further promised that in subsequent tweets she will tell “What you need to know.”

We along with other people were very anxious to read what we need to know. But eventually what Vidya Singh came up with, made us laugh even harder than Rahul Gandhi’s claims.

In her second tweet of the defending Rahul Gandhi series she claimed, “John Pemberton who founded the formula of Coca Cola sold a syrup based drink in the US. If he called it Shikanji it may sound weird but how do you explain it to the lay person. Shikanji is a fair description for it. The name Coca Cola came later.”

Contrary to what both Rahul Gandhi and then his supporter Vidya Singh claimed, John Pemberton was not a drink seller, he was a pharmacist. While trying to find a cure for his own addiction of morphine, Pemberton came up with a drink containing Kola nut and damiana. He named the drink as Pemberton’s French Wine Coca and later started selling it as a patent medicine for women suffering from depression.

However in 1886, when Atlanta and Fulton County enacted temperance legislation, Pemberton had to produce a non-alcoholic alternative to his French Wine Coca medicine. While trying to develop the non-alcoholic preparation, he once accidentally blended the base syrup with carbonated water. Pemberton decided to sell this accidental drink as fountain drink rather than a medicine. Frank Mason Robinson came up with the name “Coca-Cola” for the alliterative sound, which was popular among other wine medicines of the time.

To the exact opposite of Rahul Gandhi’s claims, John Pemberton didn’t become rich after founding Coca-Cola, instead he had to face financial hardship which forced him to sell it’s formula to businessman Asa Candler.

The term Shikanji can’t be a fair description of Coca-Cola. Shikanji is a term, used specifically to refer lemonade. Had he wanted, Rahul could have used the term Sharbat (drink) for Coca-Cola. Now don’t tell us that the Congress President has a lack of Hindi vocabulary, especially after proclaiming himself to be a UP boy.

And then came Vidya Singh’s final tweet defending Rahul Gandhi. And this one was hilarious. Vidya Singh said, “Ray Kroc did operate a lemonade stand when he was in school. Later on in life he went on to take over a small stand alone hamburger joint (the US version of a dhaba) called McDonalds and take it to greatness.”

Now firstly, wasn’t the founder of Coca-Cola supposed to be lemonade seller? Secondly, why are we discussing Ray Kroc? Rahul Gandhi spoke about the founder, and the original founders of McDonald’s were Richard and Maurice McDonald not Ray Kroc. And thirdly, a Hamburger joint is not the American version of a dhaba, it is more of a food corner.

The closest thing to a dhaba in America is a motel. An actual dhaba is not only an eatery but also a resting place for drivers and travellers. Perhaps neither Vidya Singh nor her leader has an idea as to what a dhaba is.

Abusing people and calling everyone who hold a different view than yours a ‘Bhakt’ doesn’t make one look intelligent. Instead of accepting the fact, that despite being in active politics since 2013, Rahul Gandhi has still not been able to deliver a speech. The Congress IT Cell is now busy on spreading a propaganda that Rahul Gandhi has somehow caught RSS in wrong foot by making them file a defamation suit against himself. That’s some over the top pidi logic, as they say.

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