Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Hacking – Social Humour or Pre Planned Inside Job?

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My father has never been the Prime Minister of India. As a result, I am not an SPG-protected person. I don’t have an IT Cell at my disposal. Yet, no other person can access my twitter handle unless they have access to my phone. Despite this, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi somehow managed to have his Twitter account “hacked” last night!

The “hacker” had posted such surreal tweets; it left everyone baffled. The entire Twitter-verse was left in splits of laughter, probably even some Congress leaders! #RahulGandhi was trending on top last night, while #RahulGandhiAccountHacked and #Hacked were trending this morning. Tweeple are still making fun of it. Even the Congress’ handle was “hacked” earlier this morning.

However, several people have alleged that it appears to be an inside job of the Congress itself. Obviously, the first intention might have been to create some much-needed sympathy for Rahul Gandhi. This is because Rahul has faced a severe credibility crisis in recent times. He had won Amethi in 2014 by a much smaller margin as compared to his earlier victories.

The second intention, a more sinister one, seems to be sabotaging Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative. Since the landmark decision of demonetisation, PM Modi has taken to the social media, personally trying to ease out the transformation. The PM has appealed to the public to try to use digital transactions as much as possible. The Congress, on the other hand, has been trying its best to malign the move. Its direct and indirect allies, including Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal, are working in collusion on similar lines.

They seem to have employed their tried-and-tested formula. We all remember how the entire county became “intolerant” & not worth living in because of one episode in Dadri. The narrative of the alleged “hacking” of one Rahul Gandhi’s twitter handle seems to be working on very similar lines; as the incident seems to have rendered the entire cyber space “unsafe”.

Congress spokespeople have already started creating this narrative. All their statements are on the same lines. For example;

Rajdeep Surjewala is concerned about “Digital Security”:

Ajay Maken is scared about our “Online Security System”:

Dr. Ajoy Kumar, a highly decorated IPS Officer, who literally wiped crime out of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, is concerned that an “SPG Protected person” is unsafe in the virtual world:

Sir, might we remind you that SPG protects people physically, not in the virtual world.

Finally, Rahul Gandhi’s right-hand man, Ahmed Patel, is scared about our “digital safety”:

Rahul Gandhi himself has released a statement on similar lines:

Other opposition parties have tried their best in assisting the Congress in creating a narrative. They have raised the issue in the Parliament:

Our guest columnist was quick in catching their train of thought.