Why was Rahul Pashupalan invited to speak in Kerala Literature Festival 2018?

Our country has one of the richest source of culture, heritage and now we and then we see literature fests being organized in different states; Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi etc. Many noted authors, aspiring writers and people from different genres of art participate in these festival, either being an audience or as an orator.

Now come to think of it, how does a talent qualify to come up on the dais and address the audience in such events? We could think of a few possible qualifications:-

  1. Person should have contributed to any form of Art
  2. He/She should have a good reputation or voice on the society
  3. An acceptance from the audience as an eminent leader

Coming to the Kerala Literature Festival, held at Kochi from February 8th to 11th 2018, it saw a grand opening from Hinduphobic and Anti-India speakers who stole the audience away with their presence. While we could not even digest the fact that these Hinduphobic and Anti India speakers were considered reasonably popular in their respective fields of destruction, what arouses our curiosity is the presence of an ill famed personality called Rahul Pashupalan.

To those who are not aware of the achievements of Rahul Pashupalan, he is the proud organizer of the “Kiss Of Love” protest which took Kerala by a storm. If you want further details on this Rahul Pashupalan, he was arrested along with his wife Reshmi Nair for their alleged involvement in running online sex rackets across Kerala.

The topic of speech for Rahul Pashupalan was – “When the State becomes the Hunter”, ironically this Kerala Literature Festival was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Kerala State Government.

Clearly the speakers of this Literature Festival had anything but the three eligible qualifications mentioned above to be even considered as a participant in such a coveted event.