Raise of Naxalism & Ghazwa-Thur-Hind Forces in Land Of Warriors, Kodagu – CNC Makes Explosive Revelation

Kodagu a tiny district in Karnataka sharing its border with Kerala was once known as the land of warriors and the laboratory of Hindutav ideology. People of Kodagu have contributed immensely for the nation building, many families in Kodagu has their family members serving in Indian defense forces. There is absolute no question of their contribution to protect the integrity and security of the nation. The district which should be making noise for the coffee cultivation and honey production is off late in news for wrong reasons. What is happening is Kodagu is absolutely alarming and is heading the Kashmir way. Will the Kodavas of Kodagu face the similar consequences of that of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. Will Kodavas eventually end up being refugees if their own country? Will the tribe that produced the legends like General Thimmaiah, Field Marshal Cariappa and prominent media and sports personalities suffer from identity crises?

Yes, Says Codava National Council (CNC) President N U Nachappa speaking to Satyavijayi. Nachappa is a prominent name in Kodagu. Nachappa has been fighting for more than 30 years to get the minority rights for Kodava tribe which is reality is the world’s second least populated tribe and is already in the verge of becoming extinct yet don’t enjoy the minority rights while other communities in millions are still considered as minorities.

CNC president Nachappa in the last few months have made shocking exposure in to the naxal and ISIS activity in Kodagu. CNC has alleged about how foreign funds are flowing into Kodagu via Kerala to uproot Kodava dominance in the Kodagu soil and destroy Hindutav in the district by creating rift among Hindu community which otherwise were living in peace and harmony. CNC in its press release and in a detailed letter to the home ministry, PMO, United Nation Organization, National Security Advisor Ajith Doval and PM Narendra Modi has clearly stated the names of people and organization name involved in the activities with a soul aim to create massive rift among Hindus and thus divide the country in the name of caste and tribe. These people seems to have sought the help of Naxal sympathizer intellectuals and prominent leftist legal advisors. CNC in its previous letter to PMO and PM himself had asked the RAW and NIA to conduct a detailed probe into the funding’s of such leftist organization hell bent on creating a red corridor in Kodagu.

But Why Did These Anti Nationals Choose Kodagu and How are they strategically creating rift between Hindu communities and Kodavas in Kodagu ?

It’s said if you want to destroy a civilization first destroy their language which is the identity of any civilization. Similarly these Naxal sympathizers and anti-national forces in Kodagu have been working towards creating rift among the Hindus in the district and hence these men have set up few NGO which they are projecting to be working on social cause, which ideally is not the real picture. These outfits in Kodagu are seen making their presence in every issues and their mode of operand is press releases, fake protests and threaten legal actions if questioned by hiring prominent lawyers. These anti Hindu outfits were successful in creating a rift between the Hindus in the Devatiparamb issue when Kodavas wanted a memorial to be built a Devatiparamb as a mark of respect for the sacrifice (A place where Tippu butchered 80,000 Kodavas) Kodavas have the privilege own guns by race which is a huge threat for the naxalites since they fear of being shot in self-defense by Kodavas if indulged in anti-national practices and hence they even wanted government to take back the rights to own gun which fortunately was scrapped by Ministry of Home. These Naxals fear the presence of Kodava tribe and the tribe is a huge threat to the naxal activity in the region and with Hindu organizations and Hindutav being deep rooted in the region these anti national forces seems to be finding it difficult to carry out their activities. Hence they have now restored to break the unity among the Hindu community and Kodava tribe which from outside looks like a successful mode of operandi. The dense forest and rice natural resource in Kodagu is a ideal place for naxal activities to be carried out.

N U Nachappa is hopeful that central government would look into the letter and act immediately to ensure Kodagu doesn’t follow the Kashmir way and become the home ground of the anti-nation forces. CNC is determined to fight any forces which is working against the nation and Kodava tribe said Nachappa. He said his letter has detailed information of how these forces are operating and CNC would also stage a massive protest in Kodagu on 05-01-2017 if government doesn’t act on priority and conduct a CBI level enquiry on the individuals named in the letter. N U Nachappa said CNC would not mind knocking the doors of United Nations if GOI doesn’t act immediately since the situation is critical and if the same continues there would be huge violation of human rights and Hindus specially the Kodava would be targeted by the anti-national forces.