Raja Raja Chozhan confiscated the lands of Dalits, says Tamil Director Pa Ranjith

Whenever talking of great kings and conquerors of India, one name that naturally comes into mind is that of great South Indian ruler Raja Raja Chozhan. The King, was also the first Indian ruler to penetrate deep inside Southeast Asia.

The life and achievements Raja Raja Chozhan has served as an inspiration for people from all over India and of-course for those from his home land in Tamil Nadu. However, while entire India admires Chozhan, it seems like there are a few haters of him as well.

Famous Tamil movie Director, Pa Ranjith recently in a speech said that the period of Raja Raja Chozhan was darkest period in Tamil history.

The movie director, alleged that it was Chozhan who started the Devadasi system. He further went on to say that Chozhan had initiated over 400 women into the system.

Ranjith also alleged that Raja Raja Chozhan had confiscated lands of Dalits and hence Tamil people should not be proud of him. He also held the king responsible for starting the practice of sending slaves to gold mines in Kolar.