Rajasthan Crisis: Sachin Pilot sacked as Deputy Chief Minister, denied post of state party President

The political crisis in Rajasthan has taken another twist with the Congress party sacking rebellious Sachin Pilot from the post of Deputy Chief Minister as well as denying him the post of state party President. Earlier, reports claimed that he was promised the post of state party President as part of a peace making deal.

The move was announced by Congress party on Tuesday after a meeting between Ashok Gehlot and his loyalist MLAs. The Congress MLAs in Rajasthan that have pledged support to CM Ashok Gehlot passed a resolution asking for the removal of rebel leader Sachin Pilot as he skipped the Congress Legislature meeting again on Tuesday.

“Congress made Sachin Pilot a Union minister in his 30s, a deputy chief minister in his 40s..We have given Sachin Pilot many opportunities. He has been an MP, MoS and a state party president. I am sad that Sachin Pilot and some of his colleagues have fallen for a trap laid by the BJP…This is unacceptable,” said party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala while announcing the move.

Sachin Pilot is camping at a luxury hotel near Delhi with at least 16 MLAs. He insisted that Gehlot had lost his majority and his claim of 106 MLAs was greatly exaggerated. In the 200-member Rajasthan assembly, 101 is the majority mark.