When Rajdeep Had to Apologize For Tampering Interview Of Sri Sri Ravishankar

On March 5 2017, controversial Presstitutes Rajdeep Sardesai and some media houses spread lies about BHU VC at PM Modi’s rally in Varanasi.However, it was totally falsify news and sooner the VC cleared out the air that he was not there at Modi’s rally.

However this is not the first time anything such has happened. In the year 2011, Rajdeep was allegedly involved in tampering an interview of Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravishankar. However as soon as a legal notice was slapped on him regarding this issue, here’s how he sent a letter of apology.

Information must be verified before publishing online and if not, then should be ready for legal action. We advice Rajdeep Sardesai to go through Journalism training again.