Congress and it’s senior most members have always been living in the past ever since the victory of BJP in 2014. This tweet from Rajeev Shukla on Jan Dhan Yojana is one such typical example where he heaps praises on Indira Gandhi for PM Modi’s pet project.

It’s unfortunate that the major opposition party of India is yet to find a stable leader to lead the party from front, instead it had resorted to the typical Nehru dynasty glorification. This glorification of Nehru family has hurt congress more than it has actually given them any sort of action plan to move forward.

The sarcastic and angry replies of twitterati is ample proof to show how much the public is fed up with such dynasty worship from Congress members.

Will this party ever come to a point where they can revive themselves from this lowest point in Indian politics?

Please provide your comments on the same !!!