Rajinikanth blames Anti-Social elements for Tuticorin protest

On Wednesday, Actor turned Politician Rajinikanth, blamed the “anti-social elements” for turning the silent protest against Sterlite into violent agitation on May 22, which resulted in the killing of 13 persons in the ensuing police firing.

Responding to the critical comments made by several politicians regarding his statement on anti-social elements having instigated the violence in Tuticorin, Rajinikanth suggested, “Just like during the Jallikattu protest, when few anti-social elements infiltrated and created a riot like situation, the same thing has happened here. These anti-social elements were the ones who attacked the police, destroyed property at Collectorate, set fire to the Sterlite housing quarters.”

“The Tamil Nadu Police should identify and take severe action against these anti social elements, they should be exposed to the public” said Rajnikanth.

On being questioned as to why Rajinikanth is supporting the Tamil Nadu Police on this particular issue, he had come down heavily on the anti social elements again. “The entire problem started after anti-social elements attacked police & burned down Collector’s office, as a result peaceful protesters were killed. If you undertake protest for each and everything, Tamil Nadu will be turned into cemetery”

“This incident has happened because anti-social elements have intruded. Jayalalithaa used to have an iron grip but the present government has failed,” he added.

Responding to the walkout by the DMK from the assembly and the blame game despite closure of the copper plant, Rajinikanth said that everything should not be politicised. “People cannot be fooled. They are watching everything and will act at the right time,” he said. To a question, he felt that the demand for the chief minister to resign is unnecessary. “Resignation of the chief minister is not the solution to all the problems,” he added.