Rajput Culture and History : The distortions, the conspiracies, and the truth

The Marxist historians traditionally, and in the recent times even the Neo-Hindutva wadis for various socio-political purposes have resorted to the vulgar distortion of the historical facts and the varna identities of several historical personalities. In this series focused on Rajput culture and history, we will not only present tangible historical facts, which in most cases are unknown to the common man, as they are but shall also debunk this malicious propaganda and expose several of these vicious distortions that have cropped up in the due course.

Many vicious propositions have been advanced at various time periods in the last 100 years or so to malign the valorous Rajput community whose contribution in the Indian political, social, religious and cultural life is not only significant, but also seminal in various ways. The colonial Indologists and their Indian cronies were the first people to speculate upon the question of Rajput origin with a vicious propaganda in view. Their suggestions have no merits when studied succinctly in the light of historical facts, and in fact much of what they proposed was done with the view to bolster their pet narrative of the Aryan Invasion Theory.

These Indologists, prejudiced as they were by their preconceived notions, felt for various reasons that the people of the North and Northwestern regions of India in general and the forward caste Brahmins and Rajputs in particular appeared very different from the general population of the relatively eastern and southern approaches of the Indian subcontinent. This was the time when the writings of juvenile race theorists such as Caldwell and Risley were still in vogue. Their Indian cronies such as Bhandarkar etc. lapped up these theories and within this framework built up their almost fictional accounts of Rajput origins out of thin air. These accounts have no foundations in Indian history. The Aryan Invasion theory as we know now has been summarily debunked by recent findings in linguistics, Archaeology, and Genetics etc.

Far removed from the now prevalent view of foreign origins, the Rajputs are indigenous people and by far the only pure remnant of the Vedic Kshatriyas. The evidence for this can be obtained with profit from the various religious and secular texts written down during the ancient and medieval periods of Indian antiquity. The word “Rajput” comes from the Sanskrit root word “Rajputra: The son of the king”, and this is an ancient appellation used by the ruling elite (Kshatriyas only) in India. The words Rajputra, Rajanya, and Kshatriya have almost the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. The word Rajput is representative of the conglomeration of various clans of the kshatriyas of pure descent found in almost every part of Indian subcontinent except the extreme east and south.

The wily Marxist historians through their bogus writings and malicious propaganda have caused a huge loss to the traditional historical narrative and the reputation of the Rajputs. The ideas made popular by them have also led to the cultivation of wrong but now prevalent opinions especially among the western educated sections of the Indian population that have no organic connect with the ground realities of social life of India and have no understanding of traditional Jati-Varna system and its social, religious and philosophical foundations. Contrary to the Marxist ideas, the Rajput identity is not an open club that is meant for anyone who may have risen to political power aided by revulsions of time. The Rajput community, traditionally speaking, has been a closed endogamous group with a high social and ritual status at par with brahmins.

The Rajput as a socio-ethnic group has never been a malleable social entity open to the stream of never ending new bogus claimants, as understood by the marxists and other revisionists. In the last 100 years or so, many communities have staked new claims to Kshtriyahood to improve their social status after they had achieved some emancipation politically and economically, of course aided and abetted in this scheme by the British and indigenous revisionists such as Arya samaj and the RSS. The list of such communities is long and tedious, and more claimants join the list every day. I do not intend to name and shame any community, but the fact of the matter is that most of these communities have no locus standi and no history or tradition of their own. Their very identities are relatively recent inventions bordering almost on fabrications of the worst kind.

We will expose various of these lies, fabrications, distortions, and conspiracies even as we produce a factual account of the glorious Rajput history in this series. Whereas the glory achieved by the matchless Rajput warriors on the battlefield deserved to be celebrated, it is only unfortunate to note that we as a people have not only failed to acquaint ourselves with the true facts of history but also wittingly or unwittingly contributed in promoting the dubious propaganda of our enemies and revisionists within our own ranks. Somewhere in this whole bargain, the truth has been lost. We shall attempt to rediscover the truth through this series. Stay tuned.