Ram Janmabhoomi site modified as ‘Mandir Yahin Banega’ on Google Maps, Google removes tag later

The demands to build a Ram temple at the claimed Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya is once again on a rise. Devotees, from across the country are using various methods to build pressure on the Government to bring an ordinance, as the Supreme Court does not seem to be prioritizing the matter at all.

Amid this, some unknown people edit the Google map to add the slogan of “Mandir Yahin Banega (temple will be built here)” at a site near the Janmabhoomi. Google maps, enables the users to edit a particular site on the map and add detailed information about it.

Along with the slogan, an image of a model of proposed Ram temple was also added into the map. As soon as the new modifications were added, screenshots of it started getting viral on Internet.

Google, however later removed the new additions and clarified that the changes were made by some user. “We’re heavily invested in empowering users to contribute their local knowledge to Google products and services. Overall, allowing users to suggest information provides comprehensive and up-to-date info, but we recognize there may be, as in this case, unhelpful edits suggested by users. When this happens, we work fast to address the issue as quickly as possible,” a Google spokesperson said.