The Ramjas Fracas – How could it have been dealt better !!!

The latest incident regarding the scuffle in Ramjas College has been very disturbing for a fact that media till influences the narrative to their fancies. The media has been targeting the ABVP with all they have got, to show who is the boss, and luckily for them they have got a new weapon in Gurmehar.

So, what makes her special to them in comparison with Kanhaiya Kumar? Is that she is a girl/woman, so there is always an option of playing the victim card when things to haywire? Importantly she is just 20 years old, so when she is shown the mirror there is an option of abusing those who have shown her the mirror and use the age of the girl as a shield. If she can’t fight her own battles, then why did she enter it on her will?

What irks me the most is the response by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)

I don’t understand why they are taking the response lying down and just showing instances of getting back. It seems that they have accepted defeat seeing the aggressive media against them and think that they don’t stand a chance. They are taking it in a very defensive manner. They are justifying their actions and stand on social media, which is good, but how many Indians are active on social media, and more of all, how many follow politics and such news?

A far lot more people watch news and ABVP karyakartas are branded as ‘goons’ and people who spoil a peaceful environment and attack students for no reason. This is the mindset a common citizen who is ignorant on the issue.

Yes, people are against Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), but the media won’t highlight that. The left groups are from JNU and the scuffle was because they raised anti-India slogans, a very clever but predictable ploy. Thus making their narrative win and thereby scoring a point over those who have been exposing them for the last 3-4 years.

Though ABVP karyakartas have come out to tell their part of the story, the media will never give them air time. So how will general public know their side of the story? Through social media? There are not more than 20 crore Indians on social media, and of these not more than 5-10 crore (again an exaggeration of figures) follow politics and news on social media. This clearly indicates that you have to get on ground and put your facts, merely trending #ISupportABVP on twitter doesn’t help.

So, how should ABVP have dealt with this? ABVP is ‘the’ largest student organizations in the country, or at least one of the largest and having a pan-India base of karyakartas. This is their biggest asset. As soon as the media began distorting facts and targeting ABVP, they should have mobilized ABVP karyakartas across India, and made this into a larger movement.

Please spare me the question as to why should other colleges be disturbed for this one incident in Delhi. My dear friend, a cancer affected cell SHOULD be stopped before it spreads to other cells. In the same way those who are chanting anti-India slogans and inciting violence should be shown that they aren’t accepted in the society with their thoughts, either turn into a new leaf or leave INDIA.

And next, why should the ABVP karyakartas fight back

Well, if you are right, you should not cow down and fight back with all that you have. In this case ABVP is right, so why cow down when they have the capacity to give back? Hold ‘Peaceful Demonstrations’ against the country, naturally the media which is ignoring your side of the incident till now, will have to hear you out.

There are Nationalists in almost every nook and corner of the country, they will back your peaceful demonstration and give meaning to your struggle, but if you back out now, then trust me, this will only embolden them and more targeted attacks will follow, and I really hope you don’t give them that chance.