#Presstitute Rana Ayyub Torn Apart with Evidences on her Latest Fiction “Gujarat Files” by Hitesh Rangra

About Rana Ayub: Rana Ayub is a known anti-Modi, anti-BJP journalist. She has tweeted outrageous lies many times in the past. She has tweeted that the Gujarat government of Narendra Modi deliberately displayed the dead bodies of the Godhra victims which caused riots. This is absolutely wrong on facts, since far from doing so, special care was taken to prevent display of bodies to anyone. The transport of these bodies was done inside trucks, and no one could see them, and it was also done from 11:30 pm – 12 midnight to 3:30 am, from Godhra to Ahmedabad on the night of 27 Feb & morning of 28 Feb 2002. Even after coming to Western Ahmedabad’s isolated hospital, care was taken to send the bodies to the crematoriums (those which were not cremated at the hospital itself, some had been cremated at the hospital itself) in vehicles, not visible to anyone, while this could have been done on foot as well. This shows the sincerity of the government in preventing display of the bodies. The SIT appointed by the Supreme Court has said all this in its closure report on page 63 as well. The full truth of this false charge is given in Myth 24 in the website www.gujaratriots.com

She has also lied that Ehsan Jafri, the late Congress MP called Narendra Modi during the time of the riots. This is another lie, since it has been established completely that nothing of this sort was done. The full truth can be read in Myth 23 in the website www.gujaratriots.com

Having seen the background of the writer, we see the book. The book has to be judged on merit, and not on what the writer did in the past.

   Reality- what is really in the book “Gujarat Files”?

In the foreward, Justice B.N. Srikrishna himself says: “As to whether the material presented in this book represents facts, or mere perspective vision of the events is for the reader to judge…While one may not be in a position to validate all that is narrated in the book, one cannot but admire the courage and passion displayed by the author in her attempts to unmask what she believes to be the truth.” With this description in the foreward itself, the reality becomes obvious! Even the foreward writer does not call it as the truth.

A large part of this book is absolutely irrelevant. There are 11 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 does not contain any recorded conversation or transcripts, but just the author’s own perceptions, and opinion against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and a bit of self-praise of having got ‘Amit Shah arrested in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case’ ignoring his acquittal completely. The entire book simply assumes that the Gujarat Government (more specifically, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah) were involved in promoting riots and fake encounters and targeted upright officers, without giving facts to support this theory.  Chapter 2 describes (in far too much detail than necessary) how Rana Ayub assumed the name Maithili Tyagi, and presented herself as an ‘Independent Film-maker from American Film Institute Conservatory, Los Angeles’, got an assistant who was a 19-year old European, and pretended to be making a film on the development in Gujarat. With this story, she talked to officials in Gujarat with secret recording devices. The excessive details are irrelevant to the topic ‘Gujarat Files’.

Rana Ayub’s bias and assumptions are revealed bluntly, and she calls all encounters of Sadiq Jamal, Sameer Pathan, Ishrat Jahan, Javed Sheikh, Sohrabuddin and Prajapati as fake. In reality, as of now only one or at maximum two encounters can be stated as indefensible, namely Sohrabuddin and Prajapati, both of whom were criminals. In Chapter 3, she gives all irrelevant details of how she met police officer G L Singhal, who she accuses of ‘killing Ishrat Jahan in cold blood’ and a small part on some relevant conversations. These conversations do not carry the slightest value as evidence, since they were supposed private conversations recorded secretly, in which the officers could have been indulging in boastful lies, or plain lies, to boast or impress a supposed American film-maker. The conversation cited with Singhal gives nothing of importance, he in fact says he has no support from the system. Now, if Rana Ayub assumes Singhal as guilty of being involved in a fake encounter (of Sohrabuddin), then no support from the system to him will actually contradict her allegation of the Gujarat Government favouring ‘Yes-men’ since she alleges the Government was involved in the fake encounters!

Chapter 4 also contains a lot of irrelevant details, and some text of a conversation with Rajan Priyadarshi, ex-ATS chief of Gujarat. Priyadarshi talks a bit against Modi and Amit Shah, but it is not believable and seems to be out of personal bias. It also doesn’t carry any value as evidence. Rana Ayub goes to the extent of saying: “Priyadarshi was the state ATS chief and Amit Shah had confided in him that Ishrat Jahan was being held in a bunglow, confined in custody before she was killed in cold blood.” This is laughable- since even if, for argument’s sake, one would assume that Ishrat Jahan was killed in a fake encounter, there is no way anyone would leak this to other officers before the encounter. Secondly, Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist indeed, owned up by the Lashkar-e-Toiba, also by David Headley, with Intelligence Bureau inputs, and also revealed from her mother’s contradictory statements. If she was innocent, why on earth would Gujarat Police choose an unknown 19-year old from Thane to kill in a fake encounter, instead of choosing grown-up criminals from Gujarat? It is like the West Bengal Police deciding to kill 2 people in a fake encounter with Pakistani terrorists in Kolkata, and deciding to kill an unknown 19-year old girl from Patna, Bihar for it! How ridiculous to assume so! To know the full truth, read this article:


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