If Re. 1 is released, 100 paise will reach people, promises PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday questioned the alleged assertion by the previous union governments that stated a rupee became 15 paise once its reached the villages, citing that his government at the Centrehas decided to facilitate the poor with the full benefits of the welfare schemes.

“One of the previous governments of the country asserted that Re. 1 released from the Centre becomes 15 paise when it reaches the villagers. Where does the remaining money go? Who steals this amount? Our government has decided that if Re. 1 is released from the Centre, 100 paise (amounting to the actual Re. 1) will reach the people,” the prime minister said.

Addressing a gathering here after felicitating Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade and handing over RuPay cards to women self-help groups, the prime minister slammed the opposition for questioning the success of the Digital India programme.

“A number of people in the parliament said there was illiteracy and poverty in India; how can the people be cashless? This is impossible. They only spoke negative about the initiative, but now they have got the answer,” he added.

Citing the importance of linking RuPay card, mobiles, bank services with the Aadharnumber, the prime minister said that a total of Rs. 57,000 crore has reached the beneficiaries through the Direct Benefit Transfer till now.

The prime minister even urged the people to use the Bhim App and embrace cashless transactions.

He said this was an era of honesty and integrity and that there was no place for those who cheat the system.

“Every rupee, every resource from the Government of India is devoted for the welfare of Indians. We are ensuring the fruits of development reach the intended beneficiaries without any scope of corruption,” he added.

“Whether we stay in power or not, we will not let people ruin this country. We have not learnt to live for ourselves,” Prime Minister Modi further said.

Raising concern over the conservation of water, the prime minister urged the farmers of Karnataka to embrace methods like drip irrigation that help conserve water.