Reactions to Aurangzeb Road being renamed to APJ Abdul Kalam Road (In Pics) [Fun]

It has been decided that Aurangzeb road will officially be renamed after Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam after many Indians demanded it to be renamed. While AAP is trying, as always, to claim this as their success, everyone knows that this was the decision by central government. When I heard the news, I thought how others would be reacting and soon I thought how politicians and presstitutes must be reacting on this. So, I thought you would want to know the same too. So, here is a pic compilation with appropriate songs of what the reactions of some people would be (Just for fun)

1) Common Man (Party toh banti hai…)

Aurangzed road renamed to Kalam road image 1

2) Rahul Gandhi (Kya se kya ho gaya…..)

aurangzeb road renamed image 1

3) Sonia Gandhi and Congress leaders (Ye Duniya, ye mehfil, mere kaam ki nahi…)

APJ Abdul Kalam road

4) Rajdeep Sardesai (Dekh tere sansar ki haalat ….)

Aurangzeb road renamed image 3

5) Sagarika Ghose (Auragnzeb tera toh hua, Ashoka ka kab hoga)

Aurangzeb road to be renamed image 5

6) Arvind Kejriwal (Hum Kisi se kum nahi)

Aurangzeb road to be renamed image 6

7) Arnab Goswami (Ye Andhaaaaaaaa Kanooon Hai…..)

Aurangzeb road to be renamed image 7

8) Nitish Kumar

Aurangzeb road to be renamed image 8

Before you go, may you have a GREAT Raksha Bandhan today. 🙂

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