READ: Ashish Nehra COMMENTS on THIS Viral Photo of him with a young Virat Kohli

Ashish Nehra Virat Kohli image 1

Ashish Nehra has been one of the fastest bowlers to have played for India. He is remembered well for his world cup spell of 6 wickets against England in the 2003 world cup. He has played a lot of innings for India in all formats of the game. Virat Kohli is the star of this generation of cricketers. In this year at least, he has had a really great form and it seems that it is likely to continue.

If there is one picture that everyone must have already seen of Virat Kohli with Ashish Nehra, its this image where Virat Kohli is still a young cricketer and Ashish Nehra is felicitating him.

Ashish Nehra Virat Kohli image 1

This image has gone viral on social media and shows how quick a journey Virat Kohli has had or how long Ashish Nehra has been playing for India.. with gaps in between due to injuries.

Now Ashish Nehra has spoken on the image. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m not on social media but that picture has become popular now because where Virat Kohli is today. Otherwise it was just a picture on the wall and nobody would have admired it. Now that picture belongs to Virat Kohli,” Nehra said.

Nehra further added that the photograph was taken some 13 years back and nobody spoke about it then.

“This picture was taken some 13 years back. When I was playing in 2009-11 Virat was also playing. Then nobody talked about that picture. It’s all about media and social media,” the Delhi pacer added.

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