Read How Bengali film star Nusrat Jahan Was trolled on FB by Muslim fanatics for wishing Durga Puja

Top Bengali film star Nusrat Jahan trolled on FB by Muslim fanatics in Bengal and Bangladesh for wishing Durga Puja to all her fans. As usual she was abused, her character was dragged into it by many.

She made a post wishing Durga Puja


Also a video wishing her fans on Durga Puja.

Her character was dragged just because she wished her fans on Durga Pujo.

Few moments back she was beautiful and pretty but suddenly after she wishing for a Hindu festival she was hated.

Some thought she is a Kafir now and hot water should be put on her and wanted her to go to hell.

Few comments seem to be from uneducated who wanted to speak something but could not not make their point. Seems few madarasa don’t teach English.

Times Now and others were quick to follow up the story.

Its not the first time, many cricketer, bollywood actors and sports person are given such experience of uncomfortness in a Secular country. For some fanatics wishing and celebrating Hindu festivals is not secularism.