Read How Hindus Blasted Shabana Azmi’s Sarcastic Wish On “Durga Ashtami” in This Tweet !!

In an Interview, Shabana Azmi when asked how she would describe herself said: “I’m an actor, I’m a Muslim, I’m a social activist…”

Azmi’s stress on her religious identity would seem strange to anyone because she claims herself as a liberal social activist and she is a daughter of diehard Communist activists.

Although Muslims are safer in this country than in other parts of the world because they have a stake and space in Indian democracy but Ms. Azmi believes that Indian democracy is unfair to Muslims, and she is a former MP.

Many times Shabana Azmi has chosen to speak about Love jihad, Hindu Fundamentalism. But, when it comes criticise Islamic radicals, and situation of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir, they choose the other way.

Shabana Azmi tweeted On Durga Ashthami ‘This Durga Ashthami lets pray that no Durga is aborted, no Saraswati is stopped from going to school, no Lakshmi has to beg for money from husband, no Parvati is sacrificed for dowry and no Kali is given a tube of fairness cream ‘


Let’s see how Hindus have replied her.