Read how a 53year old man with a limp in leg, avoided Amritsar like tragedy from happening

Recently, India witnessed one of the worst railway tragedies in her history, when a moving train at Amritsar, crushed a crowd of hundreds that had gathered on railway tracks to watch Ravana effigy burning. Almost 60 lost their lives, and a greater number of people endured fatal injuries.

Since, people have come up with several reasons for why the incident happened. But among them, the primary and most crucial reason has to be the people’s carelessness. By being a little careful about our surroundings, we can easily avoid greatest of disasters from taking place, as proven by 53 year old Krishna Poojary.

Resident of Karnataka’s Udupi district’s Korangrapady Village, Poojary was diagnosed with an ailment in one of his legs, a few months back. As a result, he remained under regular medication and treatment, which however did not bear much fruit and he eventually had to give it up due to poor financial conditions.

At last, Krishna Poojary’s doctor advised him to take 2-3km walk on every morning to regain strength in the affected leg to a certain extent. On Saturday morning, he was on his regular walk when he suddenly observed a crack on the railway tracks along the road. As he was watching the crack, a train passed through, which further widened it, posing a dangerous threat to the next train to pass.

Poojary could have easily ignored it to go his way but he decided to inform the railway officials about the crack. With a weak leg, he walked 3 kilometers from the cracked track to the railway office, where he informed an official about it. As soon as he delivered the information, railway officials halted two trains that were supposed to pass through the damaged track.

“I usually take a stroll for around 2 km. I was walking near the tracks around 6.45 am when I happened to see the crack, Soon a train passed by. I could only think of rushing to the officials,” he told Times of India.

Krishna Poojary then led the officials to the place where the crack had surfaced and helped them to fix it.

If not for brave Krishna Poojary who ignored his own pain for the sake of his countrymen, we might have been covering another tragedy, at this moment.