Read How “Sanskaari” Alok Nath has SLAMMED Anti Nationalist Students of JNU…

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Alok Nath seems to be hurt and disappointed with the current situation in the country where students are raising anti-national slogans.

Speaking about the same, Alok Nath said, “As of today, the youth doesn’t know where to channelise their energy. Do whatever you want, but you can’t be wrong towards your own country. Whatever colour you believe in, be it green or orange, Hindu or Muslim, you can’t cheat your country.”

Many claim it to be the freedom of speech right which every individual has. On being asked his opinion about it, Alok Nath said, “What you mean by freedom of speech? Democracy doesn’t mean you abuse your country. Sedition has a law in the constitution. You can’t give speeches against your country. In first place why are you doing that? Why do you want to do this against your country? It’s ridiculous.”