The Real Face of Dravidian Politics is Anti-Nationalism, Its time for Hindus to Unite

E V Ramasamy Naicker, fondly called as Periyar (Great Man) by his followers, but he is not. His followers compare him with social reformers like Sri Narayana Guru, Mahatma Ayyankali Mahatma Thule, Ambedkar etc, but he doesn’t fit or else he didn’t possess that charisma to be in their lines. He has been often related to the level of social reformer. I don’t know what reform he did to while compared to other reformers that we have seen. Social Reformers are those who fought within the society for equality and won with consensus, but this so called Great man wished and worked for a divided society.

E V R, an Anti National, who called for black day when the whole nation was rejoicing the sense of Independence, he is a Separatist too. He voiced for a Separate nation much before Jinnah’s call. His “Dravida Nadu” which consists of present day Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and  Kerala. This request was left over practically but his followers were fuming with this idea still.

Bishop Robert Caldwell, an evangelist and a linguistic, penned an idea of Aryan Invasion Theory which is racist in nature. His motive was to divide the people especially Hindus, which paves way for mass conversion. In his theory, he divided the people into Aryans and Dravidian, Aryans are those with white skin tone came from Europe and invaded the Dravidians, he specifically mentioned that they are “Sudra“.

He called Bhramins as Aryans, because Bhramins in those days were large in number for protesting against British Government and they had a doubt that these Bhramins are betraying the government confidentiality to the protesters who fought for freedom. Both the word Arya and Dravida are from Sanskrit, Aryan means – Character of a Person and Dravidian means Land Mass. This racist theory without any proof was floated with vested interest had stuck into the minds of few like E V R.

E V R was a Former Congressmen and Leader of Justice party, the latter was called as the pet of English men to fight against Congress Party. This Justice Party borrowed the ideas and principles from Britain and executed in India. Britain was succeeded in dividing north India on the basis of religion, they succeeded by implementing Aryan Invasion theory which the help of Justice party in South India.

Justice Party, which consisted of Leaders from Upper Caste Hindus, hated both Bhramin and Harijans. As they were ruling they can’t oppress Harijans because of their vote bank and it is easy battle for them to attack Bhramins who were more in Government services. They are atheist but question only Hindu Religion and appease minorities for their vote bank.

E V R, a strong follower of Aryan Invasion Theory, was propagated against Bhramins. This racist theory had a great impact in Tamil Nadu. Their motive was not only against Bhramins, they started questioning the customs and traditions of Hinduism and they used to mock Hindu Gods on line with their Anti Bhramanical Policy.

Before E V R and after E V R, they tried to disturb the whole beautiful tree of Hinduism, but till now they couldn’t. We can point out many incidents like Garlanding Rama’s Photo with slippers, using bad words (mostly double meaning words) in public meeting to abuse Hindu Gods and Bhramins. Honestly speaking no one can hear the Speeches of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) in public meetings because these meeting are full of foul language.

Not only against Bhramins, these fanatics are also against Harijans too. In the past, when the piece of cotton material was increased, E V R  made a controversial remark by linking price rice to Harijan ladies who started wearing upper cloth. When a landlord of his caste burned 40+ Schedule Caste (SC) Community people alive, he allegedly suggested that SC deserve this punishment. Can he be called a Social reformer? But his followers used to compare him with Ambedkar who worked for the upliftment of SC’s but this great caste leader discriminates the under privileged.

If we go to Kanchipuram Temple or Chidambaram or Srirangam we can see E V R’s statue and in the beneath of that statue these lines were written (I loosely translate those lines), “There is no God. Only fools pray to God, only a barbaric idiot prays to God“.

There can be a atheist, but what right he has to criticize the believers of God? It is against the fundamental right of the constitution. Can we ask his followers, are ready to keep their leader statue along with this lines in front of Juma Masid or else in front of any Churches? Do they have guts to do that? Certainly there wont be any reply from these pseudo secularists. The rationalism and atheism that this Breaking India group follow is Anti-Bhraminism and Anti-Harijan, hence Anti-Hindu. In total they were against the root of this nation working for alien sources.

Ex CM Of Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi has called Hindus as “Thieves, like this i can quote many hate speeches, whenever DMK Comes to power their party men and their Parent Organisation Dravidar Kazhagam had taken law and order in their hand and vandalize temples and attacks poor Bhramin priests for no reason. This act was not a threat to attack bhramins, we should see this as threat to Hinduism because any attack on temples is an attack on Hinduism and hence this Nation’s culture.

The current political trend in Tamil Nadu is quite pathetic, Naxalism is seen visible now in the State. Anti National activities are seen openly from 2011 and DK is spitting venom quite often. I don’t know whether government is working on Intelligence input or not. Sowing the Anti Hindu Sentiments now and then in Tamil Nadu is a open Threat to India’s Sovereignty.

The recent example is Thandai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (TPDK), a fringe outfit that came out from DK, openly advertising to organize a Sacred Thread Ceremony for Pig on Avani Avittam Day to show their hatred against Bhramins. But the Upanishads says, that the sacred Thread is for all the four Varnas and it is not specially for Bhramins.

A good reply to that protest was given by right wingers, my wishes to them for giving a tough fight to breaking India forces. Even though this protest was against a particular caste, the whole Hindu society came in front to mark their protest against fringe groups. This was the real victory of Hindutuva. Right now, Hindutuva is the only option that left for Hindus to protect their Customs and traditions from vested Interests. Its high time and Hindus should unite in one force to protect the mother land.

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