Real-Life Hero

On 22nd March 2020 Modiji called for a Janata Curfew to be observed for 14 hours 7 am to 9 pm. This was a trial to let the ppl of India get prepared for a bigger lockdown that the pandemic was going to force. Most of us stored enough ration to keep us going during the lockdown and made sure all the necessary things we need are in the house. On this trial day, someone made a few observations and made an action plan in advance so that during these rough times they wouldn’t struggle much.

Lockdown one it was noted that a lot of policemen were doing their duty in unbearable heat. As the shops were shut they have no access to water or any kind of food or drinks. So this 24 years old lad took it upon himself and decided to make sure that during the tough times no one suffers. He made sure that the policemen in his city get water supplies and energy drinks like buttermilk and lime water. These energy drinks were made buy his mother about 125 to 150 bottles per day for distribution. His entire family and 2 members on ground worked day and night to get this job done. He made sure all the policemen doing their job on the streets, at checkpoints and in police station where hydrated. This activity was carried till lockdown one ended.

In lockdown 2 he decided to make herbal sanitizers. Using turmeric, neem leaves, aelo vera, camphor and hot water. They made around 600/700 bottles and distributed them to all the policeman for free. Must say this was a great initiative taken which helped the police department, stay sanatized and with herbal sanitization.

Coming to lockdown 3 this was more about the movement of migrant. Due to lack of transportation these migrants with their families started walking along the national highways 6 Mumbai- Nagpur to reach their destinations. They were distressed due to lack of everything- no food no water and no shops open to even buy these thing. When his team spotted these migrants walking they with the help of local Grudwara in Amravati fed a lot of migrants everyday. When the Govt gave permissions for the migrants to travel back they set up camps where the buses would halt and the migrants got food, drinks and any medication before they continued their journey. Fruits, milk and khichadi were served and also basic and important medication was made available.

They also distributed ration kits comprising of wheat flour, rice, daal, oil, biscuits, poha, tea power, salt, other spices and sugar. Again around 600/700 such kits were distributed.

As there were ladies in these groups who might have required sanitary napkins. So his father Shri Vijay Sharma ji decided to make sure sanitary napkins were provided to them to make sure they don’t face any problems. Around 2500 to 3000 packs of sanitary napkins were given away.

A lot of have come out and helped selflessly during the lockdown and I appreciate their efforts. This story that I have written is appreciation for my good friend Karan Sharma.
It was very thoughtful of him, his family and his team members to go out there and help people. The most humble part of this entire conversation with Karan was he constantly kept saying we did this and we did that. There was never an I did it. Naming a few of his team members here Sandip Manekar, Ritesh Sharma, Pramod Wankhede, Parvin Haramkar and Govind Dayma who have done a phenomenal job. This is a very rare quality one has these days. I feel very fortunate that I know such a humble human being. To know more about his good work kindly follow him on ‪@IKaransharma27 his Twitter handle. And now the most important part Karan is a swayamsewak of RSS.

This is the kind of people we want to follow and learn from. This is the youth that matters and can change the face of India. Salute to the hero for giving something back to society.