Real Picture of Coorg Violence by PFI and Death of Kuttapa-Full Video

In a recent protest against making Tipu Sultan a hero, there were communal clashes and 2 VHP workers have died. The Karnataka government which indulged in the lathicharge has claimed that it was an accident. However, we have proof to the contrary. We have received video evidence of the crime from some locals. In the video, it is clearly visible that some members of the muslim community belonging to PFI were throwing stones against VHP workers. One of these stones hit Kuttapa on his head and he later died due to injuries resulting from the same. We would like to stress that we have received this video from other sources and CANNOT confirm its authenticity. However, what’s in the video is clear.

If what we see is true and is of the same incident, isn’t it murder? How can this be an accident? Did Kuttapa come in the way of stones thrown by peaceful minority PFI people by mistake? Were the PFI members throwing the stones in the sky? NO. They were aiming to hit VHP members and Kuttapa died from it.

Govt issued a statement saying that Kuttappa’s death happened due to an accident and the PFI mob did not kill him. But the video recorded says a different story altogether. PFI mob can be seen throwing stones and creating unrest.

Disclaimer:- Contains sensitive content. We are not here to promote hatred but cant be blind to the truth happening around us.

Here is the full Video of the Incident as we have received it. We stress again on the fact that we cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

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