Here Is The Real Reason Why Rahul Gandhi Cannot Dare To Speak On PM Modi And Demonetization

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been making statements off late over the demonetization. While his party has stalled parliament from functioning giving demonetization as an excuse. Rahul has repeatedly been saying he would speak on demonetization in the parliament however BJP is not letting him speak. However parliament is been functioning from last few days and no one seems to have stopped Rahul Gandhi from speaking. BJP has been sharply criticizing Rahul Gandhis statement when he said an earth quack would happen if he speak. Calling Rahul Gandhi ‘mentally unstable’ over his remarks about having personal information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s involvement in corruption, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday said the former was suffering from an ‘attention seeking disorder’.

Congress is only trying to create a disturbance to the functioning of parliament only to escape from the scams that is slowly getting unearthed now. This is a sheer tactics to save the corrupt and the protect the back money holders of the country. Is Rahul Gandhi trying to fool people by speaking a different tone outside the parliament in front of the media and staying silent inside parliament. Had congress government had any proofs or documents pertaining to the scams with regards to Modi as mentioned by Rahul the party would have gone all out exposing it, they would definitely not have waited for so long. Stalling the parliament is only buying time to save themselves from embarrassment of agustawestland issue that has now cropped up.

PM Modis demonetization is a success and as said by Modi everything would fall into place by 31st December. The cash seized by the IT department every day is a fine example of how demonetization is nailing the corrupt and bank money holders across the country.

Launching a scratching attack, BJP leader Shrikant Sharma told ANI that the kind of questions Gandhi is raising, he needed ‘medical attention’.

From the very beginning, the government is saying it is ready for any kind of debate. However it is the Rahul Gandhi lead Congress is only creating uproar in the parliament paralyzing its function. If he has any evidence, he should put that forward in parliament. He doesn’t want the parliament to run because he has no facts. Said BJP leader Shrikant Sharma. To speak inside parliament is different and to speak outside is different.

Toeing the same sentiments, another BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said allegations levelled against Prime Minister Modi by Rahul Gandhi will not have any impact on anyone.

“The Congress is scared of getting exposed. Prime Minister Modi has launched a scheme to fight black money and people are supporting it. Congress tried its best to influence people against the government but they didn’t success. Now, Rahul Gandhi is saying that if he speaks, there will be an earthquake. What can be more hilarious that him saying that Prime Minister Modi is scared of him,” he told. He further said if Rahul Gandhi has any evidence against Prime Minister Modi then he should bring it forward.

“But they are not allowing the parliament to function and putting that blame on the prime minister that he is not allowing him to speak. The party who did corruption of crores in their regime now raising question on us, it is not going to have any impact on anyone. People know that they are themselves running away from parliament,” he added.