Where have all the Stone Pelters of J&K disappeared?

modi stone pelters
modi stone pelters
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The unemployed and uneducated youth in Kashmir had a steady source of income. All they needed to do was to present themselves as “Freedom Fighters” of Kashmir. Then they had to perform some thrilling and adventurous activities. They got paid accordingly. Kids were turned into stone pelters.

A fun-filled job for the youth; Even more so for school-going kids. Of course, there is a risk of injury. But who cares when the blood is hot and money is easy? Their “rate-card” was fixed:

  1. Throwing stones at the Indian Army soldiers – Rs. 100/-
  2. Stealing their weapons – Rs. 500/- per weapon
  3. Stealing and lobbying Grenades – Rs. 1,000/-

But suddenly, these “brave” stone pelters seem to be jobless. To be precise, since the historic move of demonetisation by our PM, these “misguided Kashmiri youth” have lost their daily wages and daily thrilling experiences.

These agitations in Kashmir were staged by separatists like Syed Ali  Shah Geelani, Yasin Malik, Sheikh Yaqoob, and so on. Payments to the stone pelters were made on a day-to-day basis. Suddenly, they are unable to pay these young men & kids. With no money, these kids suddenly discover that they are no longer the “freedom fighters” of Kashmir.

The investigating agencies have found a steady flow of money into Kashmir through the Hawala channels of Pakistan. According to the report from Ministry of Home Affairs, hundreds of crores of rupees have been smuggled in to Jammu and Kashmir. And all of a sudden, PM Modi announced demonetisation.

Crores of Rupees that were stashed in Hawala Channels suddenly cease to be money. They have now become piles of paper. Separatists are clueless, their funders speechless, and as a result the stone pelters jobless! PM Modi killed three birds in one stone called demonetisation!

As it turns out, PM Modi’s Men Turn into Stone Pelters to this Trio

The J&K Police reported that separatists are bewildered by the crisis caused by Demonetisation. The black money supplied by Pakistan through Hawala channels to Pro-Pakistan Separatists was in denominations of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/-.

On September 8, PM Modi’s announcement of demonetisation of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1,000/- was heartily applauded by Indians. But it surely sent a chill down the spines of all anti-national people.

Separatists are panicked beyond belief as their main source of income has dried up all of a sudden. Surprisingly (or not so), many politicians from various political parties and paid media are whining in a tune coherent with of that of these separatists. And many illiterate are spreading these rumours.

Intelligence Bureau has informed the Government that the backbone of the network of separatists is broken as the funds from Pakistan and other extremists have stopped in the last few days. With all the piled black money of Hawala discarded, Kashmir Agitation agenda of Separatists will have to be postponed. The Hawala Channel needs to recuperate from the shattering loss and build back their network of black money slowly. The process of recovery is going to take at least a year. Separatists have to keep their activities on hold.

In the meantime we, the Indians are happy! PM’s Demonetisation has not only destroyed black money in the country, but it also has spared our Jawans in Kashmir of getting hit by a hurling stone.

That’s called strategy!