Real reason why Kamal Haasan visited Ennor area was shooting?

Actor Kamal Haasan had created waves in Tamil Nadu after announcing his plans to enter politics.

At that point in time, he gathered a lot of praise from people when he opened a new front of activism and visited the Ennore area. And after he had criticised the state government for showing apathy towards the stream and warned of floods in Chennai.

An official video was released by the actor’s office in which Mr. Haasan was shown as being accompanied by environmental activist Nityanand Jayaraman, and taking a tour of the Ennore port area. He was also seen interacting with residents of Kattukuppam.

Later tweeting about the experience in Tamil, the actor said that the women and youth in Kaatukuppam thanked him for his intervention in the matter and that what he had done was not to be seen as help for them but his responsibility.

His supporters hailed him in twitter.

But after one year when the same location is seen in his film Vishwaroopam2. People are questioning his intentions and saying that the reason why Kamal Haasan visited Ennore is for shooting his movie Vishwaroopam2.