Finally!! Reality of Kashmir EXPOSED by REAL Journalist Gaurav C Sawant in 6 Tweets

Gaurav C Sawant image 1

Kashmir stone pelters have been getting a lot of support from anti-national PRESSTITUTES. Barkha Dutt and others have been trying to show you the aftermath of pellet guns fired by the Indian army. What they are not showing is what the Indian army goes through and why they are forced to resort to using pellet guns.

However, there are still some real journalists left in India.

One of them is Gaurav C Sawant. He went to Kashmir valley to have a look at the real situation and to understand why the Indian army has to use such weapons which result in injuries to the so called ‘peaceful protestors’.

What he found out is what all nationalists have known for long. Here are some of his tweets on the situation that show the reality of Kashmir:

He finally sees the amount of stone pelting that the army has to face and asks others to see what is going on to understand why Indian army has to resort to the use of pellet guns.

He now explains how pellet guns are necessary in this situation. As expected, some ‘liberal’ has to point out some stupid argument. And here it comes.. to which Gaurav C Sawant replies well:

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