Rebuttal of Sagarika’s new theory about Surpanakha

The demoness Surpanakha from Ramayana is suddenly making headlines all over India in 2018. All thanks to a section of people in India who have reached to the conclusion that by referring to Ramayana, Prime Minister must have tried to compare Renuka Chowdhury’s laughter with that of Demoness Surpanakha. Why they came to this conclusion is best known to them because Prime Minister in his comment did not mention about any specific character.

And now after disturbing Surpanakha thousands of years after Ramayana without any reason, some people are trying to find new aspects of her character.

Journalist turned writer, Sagarika Ghose has come up with her own theory about Surpanakha. Sagarika might have never seen the original Valmiki Ramayana but that did not stop her from making theories about it.

“The fate of Surpanakha is violently patriarchal too. A woman who confesses her love for a man constructed into a witch and has her nose and ears cut off by the righteous oh-so-pure male hero. All for falling in love!,” said Sagarika on Twitter.

Well sorry to inform you Mrs. Ghose/Sardesai but you have got it all wrong. And before going into the details I would like to make three quick points.

1- The entire episode with Surpanakha was neither patriarchal nor feminist but it promptes equality.

2- Love and lust are not the same.

3- And Surpanakha was not a witch at all in the true sense of the word.

Now coming to details, Surpanakha had lust for handsome Rama. One day she disguised herself as a beautiful lady, hiding her true identity and approached Rama. Lord Rama who had taken the oath of marrying only one woman, rejected Surpanakha’s proposal outright as he was already married to Sita.

But instead of respecting his decision Surpanakha kept insisting. Having no other option Lord Rama told her to ask his brother Laxman who has no such oaths.

When Surpanakha rolled eyes over to Laxman she found that he was also very handsome and muscular. She instantly went to Laxman and proposed him but he also refused her.

Here it is clear that Surpanakha had no love for Rama but only Lust otherwise she wouldn’t have went to Laxman just after being rejected by Rama. It is also clear that by asking her to approach Laxman, Lord Rama actually tried test whether she was really in love, and that certainly was not the case.

After being rejected by both Rama and Laxman, Surpanakha was furious when her eyes caught a glimpse of Sita. Even without any kind of ornaments or makeup and only dressed in a Saffron clad, Sita was a thousand times more beautiful than Surpanakha.

This beauty of Sita made Surpanakha jealous of her. Suddenly Surpanakha jumped on innocent Sita and attempted to take her life. Only in order to save Sita’s life Laxman had to cut off her nose.

Sagarika Ghose is a well known personality. She should not be making such tweets which may misguide the youth. It is possible that being a busy person Sagarika Ghose may not have enough time to read Ramayana. So I request her to watch the Ramayana serial, Prime Minister referred about. I’m sure she will learn a lot from it.