Rename Taj Mahal as ‘Ram Mahal’: BJP MLA Surendra Singh

BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh Surendra Singh has yet again stoked a controversy with yet another contentious statement. This time, he has proposed that the Taj Mahal be renamed to ‘Ram Mahal’ or ‘Krishna Mahal’.

He reportedly stated that names of roads, monuments and memorials built by Muslim rulers in India should also be changed.

“Make it Shivaji Mahal or Ram Mahal or Krishna Mahal.” He said.

With that logic in mind, Singh reportedly suggested that the Taj Mahal should be renamed to ‘Ram Mahal’ or ‘Krishna Mahal, or as per his own preference, ‘ Rashtrabhakt Mahal’. He even reportedly proposed the idea that the Victoria Palace in Kolkata should be renamed ‘Janki Palace’. Speaking to reporters, Singh reasoned that monuments built by Muslim rulers should not be razed down as they were built using resources available in India.

Singh was recently in news for his outrageous statements where he said that “prostitutes are better than government officials” and asked the public to punch them in case they demand a bribe.

“Officials se accha charitra vaishyaon ka hota hai, woh paisa lekar kam se kam apna kaam toh karti hain aur stage pe naachti hain. Par yeh officials toh paisa lekar bhi aapka kaam karenge ki nahi, iski koi guarantee hi nahi hai,” Singh had said.

TheTaj Mahal has been embroiled in an unwarranted stir with BJP MP Vinay Katiyar saying the UNESCO World Heritage Site was a “blot on the Indian culture” and it should be razed. Before that, BJP MLA Sangeet Som had said the 17th century monument was “built by traitors” and cannot be a part of Indian history.

Katiyar had also claimed that the famous mausoleum in Agra was actually a Hindu temple, called ‘Tejo Mahal’ . “It was our temple. Now it has become a cremation ground. A time will come when the cremation ground inside the Taj will be destroyed by some administrator. Only our temple will exist and only the pillars that exist around it will stand,” Katiyar had stated.