A Reply to Kim Over Muslim Ban

I am not a fan of you but yes, sometimes have read through articles and have also browsed your pics over the internet. I am neither a big admirer of Hollywood or American politics. I am writing this open letter to you as I saw you and your dear sister Khloe Kardashian tweeting Donald Trump with various statistics causing death of US citizens to register protest against immigration ban proposed by POTUS.



First of all, I would like to congratulate you for putting these statistics up front. It’s a democracy and everyone has his/her freedom of speech and expression. I also want to express myself on the same note and reply your statistics in not so statistical way.

So Here goes my reply in various bullet pointers:

  • You say that 10 year average of Americans died because of Jihadi attack are 2 and 9, which makes up to 11. But as per data available, 9/11 itself has killed 2996 people and injured more than 6000. Even if you take 20 year average of this jihadi terrorist attack, which is 2996/20=150 people. Why not take a 20 year average, which as per your data will be 150+(9/2)=155??. Why not include word’s toll because of peaceful Islamic activities as well?
  • People of America have elected Donald Trump for these promises and he is doing exactly, what a common American wanted(protecting his country against peaceful Islamic innocent terrorists err refugees). If you believe in democracy, why don’t you allow him to work and give him his 4 years, he deserves after being elected as POTUS democratically.
  • Let me ask, If I place 10 glasses of water and put poison into one of it(which you don’t know) and ask you to drink one glass knowing, one of the 10 has poison, which can kill you. Will you drink a glass? This is what exactly POTUS trump is doing. Not to accept any one even if u doubt, even few could be peaceful Islamic innocent terrorists err refugees.
  • Coming back to the statistics, Well, people died because of falling down from bed or accident etc, suppose if you die because of accident, it was unfortunate and there could be various reasons to it But if you die of peaceful terrorist attack because Immigration laws relaxed and terrorists came in as refugees, it could have been definitely avoided as Potustrump wants to.
  • Lastly, if you care so much about these so called extremely peaceful refugees, why not keep them at your home? You have so much of money that you can build homes for these poor Islamic jihadi refuges in countries like Canada,Mexico and even live with these poor innocent radical fanatic human beings. You can even take your sister and husband along to live with these extremely peaceful people. Our only suggestion will be to cover yourself and your sister from head to toe with a black hijab as these peace loving refuges do not like women wearing small cloths.
  • Last request is try doing the same for American women to walk freely without black hijab covered from head to toe in Saudi Arabia and then talk about inclusion of peaceful refugees.

I hope, you like my views on your tweet to POTUS. Do let me know if you need any more information or clarification on any of the bullet points.