Reports suggest Mani Ratnam’s signature on the open letter issued by Aparna Sen and company could be forged

On Wednesday an open letter was issued for the Prime Minister with signatures of 49 personalities from different fields. The letter urged for necessary steps to curb mob violence, which according it is on a rise in the country.

Apart from convicted left wing extremists like Binayak Sen and self declared leftists like Aparna Sen and Kaushik Sen, it also included some better known names like Mani Ratnam and Anuraag Kashyap. But now several news reports are suggesting that signature forgery could be involved in the open letter that was issued for the PM.

Reportedly, the team of filmmaker Mani Ratnam has refuted claims of him signing any such letter. Furthermore, the team has claimed that let alone signing, no such letter was presented before Ratnam for support either.

However, the copy of the letter that was shared with media did contain a signature of Mani Ratnam. This now gives rise to the question that if Mani Ratnam didn’t even see the letter as his team allegedly claims, then who made the signature? Did someone forge Mani Ratnam’s signature on the letter? Only either Ratnam or those behind the letter can clear the air.

Urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene, one of the key signatories Aparna Sen said it has nothing to do with party or politics. She said “Hate crimes against minorities and Dalits are on the rise in the country. No one has the right to brand any of the signatories as anti-nationals. We are raising our voices as secular fabric of our country is being ruined,” Sen said.

The actor-filmmaker said it was depressing it is to read cases pertaining to lynching on a daily basis in newspapers.