Retired IAF officer commits suicide, helds P Chidambaram responsible

A retired Air Force official has committed suicide and in his letter he surprisingly blamed former Finance Minister, P Chidambaram for both his fate and the economic slowdown that the country is currently facing.

The retired officer, identified as Bijan Das, hailed from Mangaldoi town in Assam. He killed himself at a hotel in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj.

In a four-page suicide note addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 55-year-old Das held corruption during UPA regime and policies of former finance minister P Chidambaram responsible for the current economic slowdown.

Das urged the PM to look after his family, especially his son, who is reportedly an aspiring singer.

While blaming the UPA government for scams and financial mismanagement, Bijan Das has said that the because of the slowdown he has failed to do anything after retirement.

“When there is financial mismanagement, the effect is not instant. Its effect comes after few years. So it is totally wrong to blame Modi Govt alone for economic slowdown. Note ban or implementation of GST may have effect temporarily but one cannot blame this for economic slowdown,” the suicide note read.

Bijan Das also goes on to make some observations about Chidambaram’s arrest in the INX Media case.

He has also asked the Allahabad administration to not call his family for his cremation as he doesn’t want his son to see his body. He has asked the authorities to bury his body in Allahabad itself. Police has however contacted the family for further investigation in the case.