Revenge of ‘The Fallen’ – Part 2

This is Part Two of the two part series on the Revenge Raid conducted by the Indian Army on Pakistani Soil, Part One can be viewed here.

The Village –

The hideout was shielded by thick vegetation and provided adequate shelter. As the team approached the hideout they conducted a brief halt, to rest and recuperate for a while. After sometime they moved into position overlooking the village and began their observation and recce of the village using high power night vision and thermal scopes, looking downhill. The village was located at the bottom of the hill. It consist of a cluster of 15 to 20 houses along with a masjid, material used for construction of the houses were mainly up of mud, wood and a little mix of concrete. The village was situated in a small valley with its open end facing towards the khurta town.

There were two narrow foot trails moving out of the village through the cultivated fields around the village, these trails were leading to an asphalt road located at a distance. Being a remote village there was no electricity connection in that village. The village lay enveloped in darkness but for the dim light of the moon that shone through fleecy clouds, of a cold winter night, there were solar lamps lit in some houses, whose lights could be seen twinkling dimly from the distances. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, not a single soul was in sight. Being late at night most of the people were already slept or preparing to go to bed. The moonlight was dimly reflected by the dome of the village mosque. This peace of the village night would now and then was broken by barking and howling of dogs somewhere at a distance, as if they have sensed the bad omen that loomed over the village that night. The target house was located at the outer edge of the village, near the bottom of the hill. A glitter of light from the solar lamp was coming through the window of the house indicating that people were still up.


After scouting and scanning the sleepy village in detail, the team leader held a final briefing after which the team got divided into sub groups and the men encircled the village under the cover of darkness. The sniper took position at vantage point situated on a high ground, providing perfect line of sight of the target house and overlooking the entire village. Some team members took position along the trails moving out of the village, to block the escape routes once the target had arrived. Few men took position around the village, with the entire village covered through their line of fire. A small assault group lead by the team leader moved down towards the village and positioned themselves in the bushes and thick vegetation surrounding the target house. With everyone in place and the cordon laid, stage was set for the assault, then the wait began.

There was an eerie silence in the area, just like a graveyard. The ghosts were already there only the “dead body” was yet to arrive. The silence was finally broken by the crackle of radio and the call sign echoing in the ears of the team leader. The forward scout reported that two vehicles had come to a halt on the asphalt road, just at the edge of one of the trail leading to the village and he could spot 5 figures moving on foot toward the village; however it was not possible to id them as they had their face covered and not much was visible through the night vision. Contrary to previous input indicating Anwar to be alone, it was a small group that had arrived. However, in special forces you are always prepared to expect the unexpected. A mission is a fluid situation, where you have to adapt as per the situation demand and ensure successful accomplishment of the mission .

The team leader waited with the bated breath, soon he could see those figures approaching the target house. As they came close, it was clear that 2 of them were holding AK series rifles, since other three were wearing shawl, it was not easy to make out whether they were carrying any weapons or not. The team leader decided to wait and watch before executing the assault. Soon those figures reached the target house, two of them moved inside the house while the three of them stayed outside the house.

The team had special equipment which enabled them to hear the conversation going on inside the target house from a distance, through this they were able to id one of the voice as Anwar, as they were familiar with his voice and had his call recordings in their database. From the conversation it was clear that he had no idea of the danger lurking around, he seemed to have his guard down as he could be heard gossiping about girls and merry making in general. It was the right time for assault, but before the team leader could signal for it, he was in for a shock, he saw two figures approaching towards him.

These two men were among the three men who had stayed outside the target house, they were most probably the bodyguards of Anwar and were caring AK 47 rifles. With these two men approaching, multiple thoughts start running through his head. Have they seen him, should he deal with them then and there but then any noise could jeopardize their mission and blow their cover too soon. In fraction of seconds he had to evaluate the threat, choose the right course of action to ensure the success of mission. Suddenly out of the two men approaching, one of them halted and turned around while the other kept on coming towards the bush, team leader was positioned in. On approaching the bush the man started lowering his pyjama and started preparing to take a piss this point the team leader lowered his assault rifle and let it slung by his side, reached out for the kukri he was carrying and then gently drew it out, he had made his decision.

The team leader sprang out of the bush and before the bodyguard could lift his head, beheaded him in one clean sweep of his kukri in a flash. Even before the dislodged head could roll over the ground, the team leader turned his attention toward the other bodyguard who was unaware of the carnage that had just occurred behind his back. The elite predator having already tasted the blood of his enemy, carefully approached the second bodyguard from behind. Stalking his prey and moving swiftly, with an elegance of a tiger without making a sound. The head of the bodyguard was already painted by the red dots of the rifle laser of other members of the assault team, any sudden movement would have resulted in a bullet to his head.

As the team leader approached his prey from behind, he placed his left hand on the mouth of the bodyguard and slit his throat from the khukri in his right hand, in a complete text book style kill. In less than a minute death has struck twice, in complete silence. The blood soaked khukri glittered in the moon light before it went back into its sheath. With his rifle raised the team leader signalled the rest of the assault team to move in for the assault. They started moving towards the target house, just like the fog moving swiftly, silently in a cold winter night. As the assault team approached the house, there was a thud, as a high velocity round ripped through the night air and tore through the neck of the third guard positioned in front of the house, killing him instantly before he knew what had hit him. It was a divine intervention, delivered by a protective god, the sniper, who was overlooking the movement of the assault team from his vantage point.

The door of the house was only partially closed and not locked, within moments the assault team stormed into the house. The first room was large and square, all of stone with walls covered with mud and rugs on the floor. There were two wooden cots placed perpendicular to each other and a wooden trunk placed by the side of the wall with a solar lamp resting on it. A small table was placed in front of the cots. A bottle of alcohol, jug of water and plates with snacks were placed on that table. Two AK 47 rifles were propped against the wall next to one of the cot. There were two men inside the room, one on each cot with a glass in their hand.

One of them was Anwar himself while another one seemed to be the man who was accompanying him. The two men were caught off guard, with complete surprise. The other man had realized that none other than the Death itself had just walked in, his eyes were wide with fear, feelings of disbelief and shock was evident on his face, he went for the AK lying near his cot, when the first bullet ripped through his shoulder. The man opened his mouth to hellbent only a slight grunt came out, as the second and third bullets smashed through his forehead and nose ending his life.

Even Anwar realized that his end is near, startled in a fit of rage he stood up, muttering a few cuss words he lifted his hand to throw the glass toward the team leader, but before he could proceed a kick caught him in the stomach and pushed the air from his lungs. He coughed, gasping for breath. The toe of the man’s hard shoe slammed into him once more sending him onto his back and knocking the wind out of him. In a fit of rage he rose once again on his feet and tried to swung his body wildly, but his attempt was cut short by a bullet that smashed into his skull, shattering the bone as he collapsed down, never to rise again.

Mission Accomplished-

This is how the story of Anwar came to an end. With his head blown open by a bullet, brain spilled out all over the floor and the body laid there in a pool of blood. His death was a reflection of the life he had lived, all bloody and mess. Meanwhile few members of the assault team carried out the thorough search of the house, they found the owner of the house along with his wife and two daughters bundled in a corner of one room (the assault team was aware of their identity, due to prior intel).The ladies were crying hysterically in a state of fear and hysteria, the man was folding his trembling hands with his eyes wide open, as he looked in horror towards these angles of Death who had descended upon his house that fateful night.

It was ensured that none of them was carrying any weapon and then they were made to sit in a corner with their mouth shut. During all this, a field dressing was applied to the head of the dead body of Anwar, to cover all the mess and ensure that his head remain intact, his body had to be taken back across the LOC as per the orders. Within few minutes they placed the dead body of Anwar on a body bag they were carrying and were ready to move out.

Many villagers had heard the sound of the gunshots leading to noise and commotion in the village, however not a single soul could dare to move toward that house, as they were aware that it was not a wild animal but the devil himself who was on hunt that night and any movement or any interference in the devil’s playground would be detrimental to their fate. With the task accomplished, soon the predators set out of the house and melt away in the dense vegetation and darkness of the night, just like they had arrived. The dead body of Anwar, as well as the few intel gathered from the spot was carried back. The rifles of the dead terrorists were also taken as a trophy of the hunt. They made their way back to their base through the LOC as per the pre-determined exfil routes, the mission was successful and revenge had been served cold.

The End-

By daybreak the predators were back at their den. What they had left behind was a trail of destruction and mayhem, the four dead bodies lying in and around the target house were the only mark left behind by them, which signify their wrath which fell upon the Pakistani village that night. Whatever happened that night would surely turn into the folklore of that village, and will be passed from one generation to the other. If you happen to visit that village and hear the tale of the Devils lurking in night, you better believe it.

The dead body of Anwar was displayed to certain group of people, positioned higher up in the government, now it lies six feet under the ground somewhere inside the Indian territory. The news of his death was revealed to the general public, but the people who were credited and the circumstance and place of his death were altered.

The people who carried out the hunt will always remain in the shadows, only to rise once again, when the blood needs to flow, to raise a storm and strike the fear into the hearts of our enemies. To deliver fire and fury, whenever and wherever the Nation Demands.