Right Wing activist picked up by West Bengal police for his tweets regarding Telinipara riots

Prasun Maitra, a right wing activist from West Bengal has been picked up by the state’s police for sharing videos related to Telinipara riots. The arrest came on Sunday night. “Police has just come to my house to pick me up to local police station,” Maitra tweeted minutes before his arrest.

From over few days, Prasun Maitra had been sharing videos regarding the Telinipara riots, for which he was called by the police multiple times.

Maitra claimed to have appeared before police first on 15th May, through a series of tweets. He claimed that he was called to Bizpore police station and was accused of spreading communal material. “I’m just out of the police station. They applied pressure to delete those posts & know their source but my point was simple, as a law abiding citizen, if I had broken any law, arrest me. Police changed their stand later & urged me not to make such posts but I’ll continue my job,” Maitra wrote on 15th of May.

Again on 16th May, in a series of tweets he claimed to have been called by police. He said that police warned that if doesn’t stop his activities then he might be arrested.

Finally on 17th of May, Maitra was picked up by the police. It remains to be seen how long he is kept in custody or what sort of charges are framed against him. The tweets that reportedly landed Maitra in trouble carried videos showing alleged local Hindus of Telinipara narrating their ordeal.

Widespread riots broke out in Telinipara area of West Bengal’s Hooghly district on 12th May. The initial tensions escalated after some Muslims from the area tested positive for coronavirus. The exact details of the riots, the causes behind it and damages endured by the people is yet to emerge as internet connection to the area has been suspended.