A rocket which can be made in just three days is the new project of ISRO

The scientists at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) have made it a habit to break records and set newer ones. Be it successfully launching a Mars mission that too on the first attempt or sending most number of satellites in one go, the ISRO is revolutionizing the space research sector. And now the ISRO is all set to add another feather on its crown with a rocket which can be made in just three days.

Yes the ISRO is working on a rocket which can be assembled in 3 days. It takes 30-40 days to prepare a normal sized PSLV. Also the manufacturing cost of this new mini-rocket will be one tenth of a normal PSLV. Dr. K Sivan, director at Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC), explained that in the cost of one PSLV rocket several such Mini-PSLV’s can be made which in return can carry several nano-satellites. “Isro is busy developing a small launch vehicle which is likely to be ready for launch probably by 2018-end or early-2019. The cost of this vehicle will get drastically reduced by one-tenth of the manufacturing cost of a normal PSLV. However, this rocket will have the total payload capacity of 500 to 700 kg and can launch satellites only up to the polar sun-synchronous orbit or near-earth orbit (500-700 km in altitude), ” he said.

“The amount of money used in building a normal-size PSLV rocket can actually be used to manufacture multiple numbers of such mini-PSLVs, which, in turn, can launch several satellites. So, Isro will be able to launch several satellites in less money.” Like a normal PSLV, he said, “Such small vehicles will too be capable of launching multiple nano satellites, ” he further added.

The project is expected to be ready for launch by end of 2018 or 2019. ISRO is looking to capture the nano-satellite market with this new Mini-PSLV as it can be prepared on-demand in just three days.