When Rohingya Sympathizer Used “NDTV” Report to Refute Terror Ties of Rohingyas on Arnab’s Show

In a stunning disclosure, it has been revealed that 300 Rohingyas abducted 100 Hindus on August 25 and eliminated 92 of them.

Eight people who survived the assassination were all women, who later got converted to Islam.

They were then taken to Bangladesh, said the Myanmar State Councillor Information Office.

The revelation comes a day after the Myanmar’s Army discovered two mud pits filled with 28 Hindu corpses, including women and children, outside a village in northern Rakhine.

Even after all this a lobby of leftists, Congress and anti national politicians and activists are sympathizing with these Rohingyas after their terror cover has been blown. Surprisingly a sympathizer of Rohingya used “NDTV” report to Refute Terror Ties of Rohingyas.

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