1971 War, still gives us goose bumps! It sure was a successful R&AW Operation-A Must Read

R&AW played a Key Role for the Indian Navy during 1971 war.The Indian Navy celebrates December 4th as Navy Day, it is on this day that India had a strategic Naval victory over Pakistan by rendering its financial capital, Karachi’s port useless as it was completely destroyed. Known as Op. Trident, these operations saw the first use of anti-ship missiles in the region, second Worldwide and first sinking of naval vessels in the region since World War II.


In the above image, Indian carrier Vikrant played a key role in enforcing a naval blockade over East Pakistan. The Navy ensured both the West and East Pakistan had a naval blockade.
This would not have been possible without the valuable intel from R&AW. It all started when the Defence Minister prior to 1971 war called R.N Kao where Chief of Naval Staff was sitting with him to South Bock. It was discussed that if hostilities would start with Pakistan, Indian Navy would attack the Karachi harbour so that enemy’s navy be bottled up from harassing our ship movement in the Arabian sea. Naval Chief had intel that Pakistan had put up new defences to guard the entrance of the harbour on the near by cliffs and Navy had no intel after that at all.
R&AW happily accepted for the job and few days later came up with a plan involving specialists from the Photo Laboratory of R&AW, Murty. It was found that a Parsee doctor on a B.I ship periodically sailed from Bombay to Karachi port and was ready to help them. Kao and Murty with cover names as Rod and Moriarty sailed two days later on the Doctor’s ship. Before the ship entered Karachi, doctor arranged to take their equipment and get Rod and Moriarty admitted in the ship’s sick bay as patients.
At the entrance of the Karachi harbour, Karachi CID personnel boarded and ordered the Captain to bring all Indian passengers before them. He noticed two passengers were missing and when informed they were down with Chicken Pox, he beat a hasty retreat and left.
The pilot, thereafter, took the ship between the two cliffs of the entry point which guarded the narrow entrance to the harbour while our Indian operatives photographed everything, including the fortification and gun mountings with powerful Telephoto Lenses. While going in, Sick Bay was on the port side and while sailing out the harbour, the sick bay was on the other side of the cliff which was again photographed.
The Indian Naval Chief and his aides were as much as amazed and satisfied with the Intelligence. Some months later, when War broke out, Indian Naval Boats beat the hell out of the fortifications of the harbor and bottled the enemy’s Navy!


INS Nipat (K86), INS Nirghat (K89) andINS Veer (K82) from the 25th “Killer” Missile Boat Squadron, escorted by two anti-submarine Arnala class corvettes, INS Kiltan (P79) and INS Katchall (P81), and a fleet tanker, INSPoshak.
R&AW and the Indian Navy worked together and crushed the enemy with Indian Navy ships reporting not a single loss while the Karachi port was burning, while Minesweeper PNS Muhafiz sunk, Destroyer PNS Khaibar sunk,Transport, MV Venus Challenger, sunk, Destroyer PNS Shah Jahan badly damaged, scrapped as result and Karachi harbour fuel storage tanks destroyed and more than 100+ sailors killed and reports of more than 500+ were badly injured.

Source: An Article in Quora.