RSS-affiliated group writes to Pope Francis and demands apology for ‘religious discrimination’

In anger over the cases of religious discrimination, domination and rape of women by the Christian missionaries in the North East, especially in the hill state of Meghalaya, an RSS-affiliated legal rights body has shot a letter to the worldwide religious leader of Catholic Church ,Pope Francis in the Vatican.  The Nationalist legal body has said that if the pope failed to condemn the acts of his community members in India, it would sue the Indian leadership of the Church in a court of law.

Another letter over cases of rapes, including those of minors in which the accused have been Catholic office bearers, is in preparation and would be shot to the pope in a day or two.
The letter addressed to the pope refers to the incident in which the priest of local faith ‘Niam Khasi’, Bah Kulam Nongrum, was not allowed to be cremated at the traditional crematorium in the Mylliem village in Meghalaya’s Khasi hills.

The letter said: ‘With this letter, Legal Rights Observatory demands an immediate apology from Catholic Head His Holiness Pope or serious condemnation from Pope for violent undemocratic behaviour of Catholics in Meghalaya and their bullying tactics vis-à-vis indigenous people of Meghalaya.

‘If His Holiness Pope, as the head of Catholic community worldwide, fails to do so, LRO reserves the rights to sue Indian Catholic leadership for inherent animosity, cultured arrogance and nurtured hatred towards indigenous faiths of India in an appropriate legal authority of our convenience to expose and punish those guilty in your community.’

 RSS pracharak Vinay Joshi has said  that ‘We are in the process of drafting another letter in which we will be bringing to the notice of the pope such cases of rape and sexual assault aimed at intimidation which have been happening in the state and the neighbouring areas, and in which the members and office bearers of the Catholic Church have been accused.

‘We demand action from the highest religious authority. The state has Christian majority and the police and administration have so far desisted from taking action against Church members who have been accused or found complicit in such acts of criminal nature as rape’.