This RTI activist has come up with this amazing data, which could help PM Modi identify Future Nirav Modi’s and Vijay Mallya’s

Defaulting loan and absconding abroad seems to have become a fashion in India these days. Started from Lalit Modi, who absconded after allegation of crores in IPL Match Fixing and other scams to Liquor Barron Vijay Mallya and Diamond Merchant Nirav Modi, who ran away duping loans worth thousands of crores taken from Nationalized Banks like SBI and PNB.

These Nationalized banks should be doing hundreds and thousands of audits and their banking systems are digitized long back. Identifying defaulter, if he is a common man takes less than a minute, they why did these banks let people like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya away is a million dollar question, which no one right from politicians and their fans to representatives of the bank want to skip answering.

As it is evident that Loans were given to Nirav Modi by Nationalized Punjab National Bank in UPA era and Congress hence is responsible for the whole scam, He absconded under Modi and NDA era and to believe that no one from government was aware about his plan to abscond is very hard to believe for a neutral opinion writer, who do not have political affiliation. This is described aptly by cartoonist Satish Acharya.


But can such incidents happen in future as well? what can Government and Banks do as a retrospective learning and problem solving exercise from these absconds?

Well, before our politicians and banks could react, Pune based RTI agent Prafful Sarda has come up with list of willful defaulters of loans of private as well as nationalized bank. The list includes defaulters of few lakhs to hundred and thousands of crores. These could turn out to be future Nirav Modi’s or Vijay Mallya’s.

When we asked Prafful, he quoted “most of the private and PSU banks has given huge of amount of loan to many companies without following norms and as a result it’s common-man whose saving is at stake” He also said that “Total Amount of money of Wilfull defaulter amount is more than Rs49000cr as per the RTI result received.Below is the list of willful defaulters released as response to RTI filed by Prafful.

Bank-wise List of Wilful Defaulters-1

Will Bank’s and NDA government act carefully and vigilantly on this data and ensure people of India that there would be no future incidents like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya incidents?

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